Find out more about the team that brings the past to life

It takes a large team to digitise the newspapers, make them searchable, publish them online, and develop our online service. Meet the team that does the hard work!

Digitisation Studio, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, England

This is where the process begins. Our Studio is managed by Carolyn Wildgoose and ably assisted by her team - Andy Bantick, Matthew Gray and Scott Dixon. Their day-to-day duties include the actual scanning, quality control and liasing with the staff at the British Library to make sure there's an uninterrupted flow of new material in and out of the studio.

Operations Centre, Dundee, Scotland

It takes an awful lot of technology to power the British Newspaper Archive, and so it makes sense to keep the team that optimise the images and build the search close to our data centre in Dundee. Toby Atkin-Wright is the Lead Developer of the technology that manages the workflow through the system and supports the search system. Our Quality Control team of Neil Halliburton, Catherine Cosgrove and Sean Keillor are responsible for assembling the pages, quality checking them and adding the vital data to build the search. They also perform the final quality checks before we publish pages online. You'll also find our Lead Search Engineer, Boon Low, in Scotland - although you'll often find him in London too!

Dundee is also home to our Business Development team, led by Richard Callison and Amy Gregor. They develop and manage the relationships with newspaper publishers that allow us to bring you twentieth-century material and also develop relationships with technology & distribution partners that help us improve the whole business. In Dundee, you'll also find our friendly Customer Support team, led by Alison Hannan.

HQ, London, England

Just two tube stops away from the British Library at St Pancras, this is where the bulk of our team is based. As well as the core team on this page, we are supported by much larger cast of technologists, designers, developers, project managers, accountants, marketing agencies, PR teams and many more who help to bring you the service day-to-day.

But back to the core team: Saba Syed is in charge of Operations, ably assisted by Adam Gad (both were formerly based at our Digitisation Studio at the British Library in Colindale, North London). Ian Tester is Brand Director, responsible for leading the overall BNA Team and making sure the service is as good as it can be. Our Head of Marketing, responsible for spreading the word about the service, is Natasha White. And last but not least, our Head of Content is Amy Sell - as well as looking after all our content, she also manages PR campaigns and brings your amazing discoveries to life.