Eastern Evening News

INFANT MORTALITY IN children more than compensated for it, a nd lowered the rate of infant mortality in a mat

... INFANT MORTALITY IN children more than compensated for it, a nd lowered the rate of infant mortality in a mat NORWICH. striking manner. Surely, in all these fact., fi t this terrible underworld of child coffering aadm death. there was a call to the uatiou ...

Published: Monday 08 July 1907
Newspaper: Eastern Evening News
County: Norfolk, England
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Dundee Evening Telegraph

Decrease of Infant Mortality Dundee.— The question of infant mortality the city was under consideration at ..

... Decrease of Infant Mortality Dundee.— The question of infant mortality the city was under consideration at meeting the Sanitary Committee of Dundee Town Council on Tuesday. Having regard the placard containing directions for the better preservation of ...

Published: Wednesday 15 December 1897
Newspaper: Dundee Evening Telegraph
County: Angus, Scotland
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Leamington Spa Courier


... in their midst. Excepting the Infant Life Protection Act and the Prevention Cruelty to Children Act, passed during the last few years of the 19th centurv, we had no legislation for the babies. In 1899 the infant mortality reached a higher figure in England ...

Published: Friday 28 February 1908
Newspaper: Leamington Spa Courier
County: Warwickshire, England
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Shields Daily News


... increase of infant mortality which has undoubtedly taken piaee.* may not without interest point oat that this oonripskm appears based ia great measaro the infant mortality returns for the year l|9i. which a year exceptionally fatal to infant ...

Published: Saturday 24 November 1894
Newspaper: Shields Daily News
County: Tyne and Wear, England
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Morning Post


... artificial for natural feeding. It is only necessary say that the mortality of breast-fed infants is one-third of that among infants fed artificially. The solution the problem of infant mortality depends ultimately. not upon the State, nor ...

Published: Saturday 16 June 1906
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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Bucks Herald


... INFANT MORTALITY IN ENGLAND & WALES. In connection with the awakening of public attention to the neglect and waste of infant in the United Kingdom, it satisfactory to note that the rate of infant mortality in England and Wales during 1907 ...

Published: Saturday 16 May 1908
Newspaper: Bucks Herald
County: Buckinghamshire, England
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Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail


... report brought out the fact that though the infant mortality throughout England was lamentably high, the infant mortality in the county area Durham was considerably higher tlian the average of England. Their mortality was 163 per 1,000, ...

Published: Thursday 01 August 1907
Newspaper: Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail
County: Durham, England
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Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette


... INFANT MORTALITY DURHAM COUNTY A CENTRE OF NATION L WEAKN ESS.” The Local Government Board have issued a report by the medical officer, Mr Arthur Newsholme, on infant and child mortality. Newsholme explains that the object the report is to secure a bird's-eye ...

London Evening Standard


... INFANT MORTALITY. HUDDERSFIELD’S PREVENTIVE CAMPAIGN. The remits of the campaign the Corporation against infant mortality. tb« report of which will be published today, shows remarkable The infant mortality ...

Published: Monday 11 November 1907
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
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Hendon & Finchley Times


... is a table giving the infant mortality in the different localities : Hendon (Including West Hendon end Burnt Oak) Crioklewood Mill-hill S 3 per 1,000. 131 .. 148 Child’ahiU The infant mortality of OhiMVhill for years beenbigherthan anyother ...

Published: Friday 20 May 1898
Newspaper: Hendon & Finchley Times
County: London, England
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Berkshire Chronicle


... INFANT MORTALITY. LOCAL HEALTH SOCIETY. IGNORANCE OF MOTHERS. important question of infant mortality lias now been definitely taken up in Reading by the formation the Reading Health Society for the. purpoao of obtaining early information of birthi, and ...

Published: Saturday 15 June 1907
Newspaper: Berkshire Chronicle
County: Berkshire, England
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Cornish & Devon Post


... one specific cause of infantile mortality as an illustration. Between the years 1874 and 1878 the Registrar General published Vaccination, Mortality** No. 433, Session 1877, showing startling increase in infant mortality under one year of age from inoculable ...

Published: Saturday 20 June 1896
Newspaper: Cornish & Devon Post
County: Cornwall, England
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