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... in the awkwardly named raspberry-cum-blackberry originated near Manchester. But these rivals have diversities of excellence, because the English fruit is a hybrid between the raspberry and the British blackberry, while one of the parents of the Logan ...


... 'Tiler. W. IL.ttiCI.tFFE, of Wafleigh, : Devon, for firing Jt.t and a girl 16 years old, named * Maria HlC* was placking blackberries. The 'plantation in- hich the oflEence was committed, adjoined a gerde:- occupied the girl's father; there was no •*>:■ ...


... everything ; the backward glance, in most cases, weakness and folly. A few blackberries still linger, but they are flavourless without the witchery of the sun. No blackberry should be eaten until the sun has warmed it; then only you have the true flavour ...


... proper bramble, the little flower that has the blackberry for fruit, flattered, for the time, by the name of rose ? If so, I think this Dirge of Tennyson's is the only poem that has celebrated the blackberry-blossom-tender little form of a rose that has ...

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... She was Carrie, in Oliver Grumble, produced at the Novelty March 26th, 1886. On July 31st she embodied Charlie Cott, in Blackberries, produced at the Comedy Theatre on that date. In a play entitled The Coming Clown, written by Mark Melford, and pro. duced ...

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... Old Bailey on Monday for assault. ing little Ethel Holland (seven) on Barnes Common. The girl and some companions were blackberrying on the Common, when they were accosted by a man they identified as the prisoner, who, after behaving inde. cently towards ...

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... FIRST-CLASS. For terms, address Mr SCunAsfORe (see Companies' Page). TURNED UP, by M A R K M E L F O R D. Blackberries, ,~ Author of Blackberries, Burglars,' Ups and Downs, Frivolity, No Rose without a Thorn, &c. Amateurs are invited to commnunicate ...

Published: Saturday 05 February 1887
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
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... between Devonport and Saltash, was on Saturday afternoon the scene of a very shocking accident. Three little boys bad been blackberrying in the locality. and isa returning home took their way across the viaduct which spans the wide creek leading from the Hamoaze ...

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... above; or, Mr F. W. Walden, Liverpool. MUISS LILIAN SECCOMBE, Engaged by Mr Edouin for Spring Tour to play CHARLIE COTT in Blackberries and Sabina in Turned Up. Offers invited for Summer and Autumn. THEATRE ROYAL, DERBY. I SS A D R I A HILL, Engaged by ...

Published: Saturday 26 March 1887
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
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... gems of the ?? Era, March 5th. MISS LILIAN SECCOMBE, M Engaged by Mr Edouin for Spring Tour, to play CHARLIE COTT, in Blackberries, and Bina, in Turned Up, PRINCE'S, BRISTOL. Letters, care of Messrs BuoxtE'r and Co., Navy Agents, 123, Pall-Mall, ...

Published: Saturday 12 March 1887
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
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... character, so admirably played by Air Gurney, is drawn by the author. SECRETS OF THE POLICE, by MARK MELFORD, Author of Blackberries. Reynolds's says:- Most classes and conditions of men have at one time or another furnished the leading motive of a stage ...

Published: Saturday 04 December 1886
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
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... pom-poms. In a word, Wagner, from the concert po of view, has been very, much overdone; and Wagner night is now common autumn blackberry. For some time to come the prune manager of concerts will need use his Wagner very judiciously, a cook with the use of ...