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i' anted by W. CRUTTWELL, SHERBORNE; and Publilhed in DORCHESTER FRIDAY MORNING. Advertifements. Lttten to the ..

... Clienvyn t, of ! taftooKhire, knt. Sir John Dryden, of innftiire. knt. R. Salilhury, efq; Monmouthihire; R. Gamon, Middlefex; Lionel DareU. et'|; of Surrey; R. Ncave, efq; of Eflex; H. Jla-.vl y, cfj; oflvcnt; John Pollen, of Hanti; and j ,ih;i VVentworth ...

Monday's Post

... Cleik; John Berkeley Burland, Walter Whiraker, Charles Bowles. Efqrs. John Richards, George Tito Brice, Clerks. Somerfttfhire. —Windham Goodden, John Buret, Wili liarn Barry Wade. John Pctei Efqrs. Wiiliam Phelips, William Bachelor, Clerks; ...

Published: Monday 15 October 1798
Newspaper: Sherborne Mercury
County: Dorset, England
Type: Article | Words: 2538 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... Sherborne. Dorfer, and hit w, Mr. JOHN NORMAN, Taunton, Somerfel, the Yam Bufiners, are requefted to pay the no to the laid for. Noate.t*. wh* will give them pmpre difcliarge. And all who Rand indebted to the *1 the late Mr. John CrfAraa, are defired forthwith ...

LONDON, July 27

... witbxut oppoftttOD. The two Mr. and the other fecrders, who bad not appeared their plates the whole the Parliament, prefent. Grattan is alfo returned to Ireland. Thurfday the inftant the from the Lord Lieutenant was taken into canfidenrtiOn the Houfe of Peers ...

Published: Monday 30 July 1798
Newspaper: Sherborne Mercury
County: Dorset, England
Type: Article | Words: 1526 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... work, gracing, or the dairy. TO BE SOLD PUBLIC AUCTION, Oil the day Ma?h, and the following dap, at the nwclllns-houte of Mr. John Retnoi.ds, at Kingwefton, near Somerton, (who is about to contrad his fanning buiiocfs) THE following CAPITAL STOCK, in Lots ...