Tuesday's and Wednesday's POSTS

... Feb. 5. By Advices from the Head- Quarters of Count Romanzow's Army, at Laticzow, we learn that a large Body of Ruffian Infantry, commanded by General Potemken, and of Horfe under the Orders of General Podhoryzani, attacked the Turk-s on the 14th of ...

Published: Monday 05 March 1770
Newspaper: Northampton Mercury
County: Northamptonshire, England
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... guards Ditto 3 d Ditto . . lit Regiment dragoons |- Ditto 3d Ditto _ th Ditto 6th Ditto ■■— Ditto . 2 10th Ditto th Ditto ft Light horfe— j Ditto - l Cavalry Ift Reg. foot guards 12 00 Ditto . _ . 3 Ditto Y \ Foot guards 2786 Effect, rank & hie of 11 batts ...

Published: Tuesday 17 April 1770
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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L O N D O N,-%April 17

... Wim- ?? by the Duke* of Glouceiler, and fever.il General Officers, where he reviewed Elliot's and Surgoyne's Regiments trf Light- Horfe, who performed their Exercife to general i Satisfaction. tt ii (aid whin miam l*atili--i«n ...

Published: Saturday 21 April 1770
Newspaper: Oxford Journal
County: Oxfordshire, England
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Sunday's Post

... Hereditary Pr. William Charles in this '.it>, in the h year his age. places wh this young iiicc ti.joyed, hicli were thole infantry and company of grenadiers, have been by the Prince Fiedeiick William, his brother. Paris, May 7. At the late inund ition ...

Published: Monday 14 May 1770
Newspaper: Reading Mercury
County: Berkshire, England
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... in general, will not believe the fpeech handed about for the King's fpeech to be genuine. But the few who conhder it that light, read it with indignation at the Minillry, whole voice it is imagined to be. What! fay they, will the Britilh Miniftry try ...

Published: Saturday 07 July 1770
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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Friday and Saturday's POSTS

... great number of-regular troops are embarked onboard this fquadron. Letters from Gibraltar mention, that regiments of Spanifh infantry having lately arrived in the neighbourhood of St. occafi* Oned an alarm to the garrifon, fince which it had appeared that ...

Published: Tuesday 07 August 1770
Newspaper: Leeds Intelligencer
County: Yorkshire, England
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Friday's Post

... retired at feven the morning ro Nawary, league and half from ence. Col. Traubenbergh purfued them with i;o carabineers, and infantry, and attacked them Nawary. The Confederates retreated towards Pultornly, and took refuge in a wood, after having had men ...

Published: Monday 13 August 1770
Newspaper: Reading Mercury
County: Berkshire, England
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S x\ 1 U R D A Y, September i, 1770

... when, it is faid, if he has fair play, his conduft will appear in very un‘ blamcabk light.’ The tranfadions mentioned in the above letter, appear in a very different light, from the following part of a letter from the committee at in New-Eng.and, the Hon ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1770
Newspaper: The Ipswich Journal
County: Suffolk, England
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To he SOLD, A/ Au c t 1 on

... our andhoun without mterm.ffidn; bayonets, broke lery, hot more efpeciallT.hy the that the enemy through the fieft * their infantry brifked any want el ,,^ thi. octafi*t repulW out ll our forett, and the affiftanee ol the Almighty, 31 . . unable to at ...

Published: Saturday 08 September 1770
Newspaper: Newcastle Courant
County: Northumberland, England
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Affairs in Poland and Russia

... lodged in different quarters and the King's palace would have been deltroyed the night before laft, if, by great good luck, a lighted match had not been extinguifhed, juft as it was ready to communicate to barrel of gunpowder. Thefe horrid defigns have induced ...

Published: Monday 01 October 1770
Newspaper: The Scots Magazine
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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LONDON, Oct. 10

... They write from Gilrraltar, that the Spaniard* are hi;fy in furtifyiug their Line* at St. Roche, and that five Regiment* Infantry had juft arrived to rcinforce the Garnfon, who are employed Night and Day in throwing up fomc additional Work*. It i* generally ...

Published: Tuesday 23 October 1770
Newspaper: Manchester Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
Type: Article | Words: 1622 | Page: 4 | Tags: none