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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland



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... tat be stationed off the Scaw, to carrv a floating light for the iafet-r of the convoys passinig sr repassinig, and the said ves- i Rei being directed to take her beariigs as follow, viz, the .caw light-house to be brought to bear W. N. W. by cm- p ais ...


... detachmeldnts have arrived at Portsmouth - 5 of the zist, zad, asd ?? light dIgoons, to em- ! bk s ith tl.V.) drauimlis of the I zth asd z6thi for IiEgypt. A detacl'nternt of the I7th light dra- ' goonss it; aiso daily exptede to embark -with the s ab l, us ...


... Hutton ; 11igi ?? Captain . Fairf -; arid the Preston, Capt. biiarkuck, frY MaL- dras antd i Benal. The l7th regiment of Light Draaoons, about 60( ,i t stronpg, ?? bv Lieut.-Corrnelt Cotton, catue in to ?? on Nlofiday,, froml Chicthe-ter, alit; f euibaried ...

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... recruit ontthe Irish establishment forje n their valuable corps. ,. : Soasrbsmptsiz, .awz. s6. Our transports for cavalry and infantry are h daily increasing: we have now upwards of\ So I t sail, and they make a respetable appearance in the river. It is supposed ...


... cea, and he wiili hoist-his flag on hoard of hier in a ftv days. - Captain ?? is appointed CDaptain of the Hleet..~ At clay-light on Wed neiday morin', the wind coinng. round to the N;. L. the folowing ships, for t the altic. sailed fr-om Portsmouth, viz ...

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... yeittes, &c. together with one other ship of the lnae, very forward in her equipment. 'The number of soldiers embalkedl (infantry ;ain cavalry) amount to sia,coo. Some of the 1 jtch men of war are much crowded, having 1 i sc men on boardl, inciloding ...

Published: Wednesday 11 September 1805
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 4509 | Page: 2, 3 | Tags: Commerce