Turnpike Jrom Folkestone to Barham Dmins. THE next Meet of the Trustees will be held at the Guildhall, in ..

... liambers, with roomy closcis and dressing spacious lofty entra- re,, hall, and stair case, drawing roam 15 19. diningroom', 14-e. studdy, 14 6by 8-9 large brick flo ir kitr hen, by 14-3, and other convenient offic s; garden well cropped and stocked with young ...


... Buller, J. Quiche, ti. Fulford, Jun.,J. Sdhfant Jun W Nation, J. Rodd, H. L. Toll.J. Milford, J S Pitman W Hull J. Carslahe, E>. Studdy, G' H. Fursdon, J. F, north' T 'White R Pertnq, F. Hole. R. P. Coffin, H. R. Roe, Esqrs. an, ReZ H. Straigways, W.H. Palk ...

Published: Saturday 04 July 1835
Newspaper: Western Times
County: Devon, England
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FREE CHURCH, GREAT CHARLES-STREET. REV. JOHN HARE acknowledges, wit] A- many thanks, the following donations in ..

... Hatchard, Piccadilly 5 0 T West, and Mrs West, Brighton 2 0 0 MrsG Thompson Ward 0 Mrs Cole, Darlington Court, Bath 2 0 0 Miss E Studdy, Paign. ton 0 Rev William Mayne 0 10 0 Mrs Atkinson 0 Miss Brooke 2 0 0 The Misses Raper 1 10 Two Friends, per M 2 0 Work ...

Published: Monday 12 November 1849
Newspaper: Dublin Evening Mail
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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PRESTON, Saturday, August 4, 1832

... fortune would IS have, it the Captain of the Packet and his mate had u newly taken command, and n ot having sufficiently e studdied Hamilton Moore's navigation ; while fol- lowing their vocation of spinning yarns, in this town ; being, in other words ...

Published: Saturday 04 August 1832
Newspaper: Preston Chronicle
County: Lancashire, England
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