... Diemen's Land. The Guard for the Runnymede has been reduced from forty to twenty persons, who will be taken from the 51st Light Infantry, and be under the command of Captain Foreman, of that regiment, assisted by Ensign Harris of the same corps. The guard ...

Published: Wednesday 30 October 1839
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England
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... —A court-martial was lately held at Chatham barracks, for the trial of Ensign diaries Sheffield Dickson, of the 51st Light Infantry, stationed in that garrison, for conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, in having been seen ...

Published: Tuesday 28 November 1837
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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Very affectionately yonn, “ The Marqoeti of Blandford.’, 2.—TBOM LOU) BLANDrORD TO LORD JOHN CHURCHILL

... Gough, at Madras, is on the eve of changing with officer of that corps on that catablishmat. The first detachment, 51st Light Infantry, will embark in few days for Van Dieman’a Land. It ia not supposed Licut.- Colonel Campbell will go out. Quarterm ...

Published: Wednesday 26 July 1837
Newspaper: Limerick Chronicle
County: Limerick, Republic of Ireland
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... Foreign Service.—The 46th and 93d go to Gibraltar; the 12th to the Mauritius, to relieve the 29th, ordered home; 51st light infantry New South Wales; 77th regiment to Malta; 68th from Gibraltar to Jamaica, to relieve the 84th, oidered home; 70th to ...

Published: Thursday 25 May 1837
Newspaper: Perthshire Courier
County: Perthshire, Scotland
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... Guards will embark tbit port for Bristol, on the arrival of the Ist battalion Scots Fusilier Guards. A detachment of the 51st Light Infantry, consisting of one Field Officer, (Major Elliot, K.H.,) one Lientenant, (Baker.) two sergeants, and 27 rank and file ...

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries

... Donegal, Captain Nathaniel Belden, n.N. Oin the 10th. May, at Hobart Town, Van Dicrnen's Land, Ensign Cecil Pacet, of the 51st Light Infantry, and second son of the Right lIon. Sir Arthur Paget, aged 19. On the 26th July last, at Bangalore, in the 26th year ...

Friday, August 6. MARRIED. July 29, at the cathedral church, Canterbury, the Rev. George Oakes Miller, Rector ..

... Jane third daughter of Thomas Starr Esq. of the Precincts, Canterbury. On the 28th ult., John Vere Isham, Esq. o fthe 51st Light Infantry, to Mary only sister of W.Wood. Esq. of Brixworth Hall, Northamptonshire. At Great Hale, on the 22d ult., Mr.Wm. Singleton ...

Published: Friday 06 August 1830
Newspaper: Stamford Mercury
County: Lincolnshire, England
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... part of the garrison. The next regiment for New South Wales will very shortly receive its orders for Chatham,- as the 51st Light Infantry are now getting very weak, in consequence of the numerous de- tachments fnrnished to convict ships. Sir James Macdonell ...

Published: Friday 13 April 1838
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
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Bonaparte waa when

... troops - > ptrt in contact with him. laid down their arms. Foucba is rein* stated. Sonlt still goes to Court. “The 51st light infantry in tbit garrison, commanded Colonel Mitchell, and S3d fusilccrs, Ooeport, commanded by Col. Ellis embark to at o'clack ...

Published: Monday 27 March 1815
Newspaper: Saunders's News-Letter
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... ;eflue TAay evening. | ve .Lh l'llt-ers, and Lieutenant and Adju. | !i girneit, hive obtained leave of abseiice | e the 51st Light Infantry, consisting of X d t elynine rauik and file, arrived here yes- |Ot ?? from Carlisle, per steam-packet, | ethe 3,t-h ...

Published: Thursday 09 November 1837
Newspaper: Freeman's Journal
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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HE SENTINE l.ifutenfcnt-C

... th in out quurters at Killeoanle. Thu whole of the Regiment is now concentrated at Fermoy. Captain Austin's company, 51st Light Infantry, is stationed at Charleville. ...

Published: Friday 13 February 1835
Newspaper: Athlone Sentinel
County: Westmeath, Republic of Ireland
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... the lady of the Hcv. John F. Gordon, of daughter. At Stooehouse, Devoaport, the lady of Captain Errington, of the 51st Light Infantry, son. In Eaton-square, the lady of Lieutenant •Colonel M Alpine, of a daughter. At Coleraine, the lady of the Rev. John ...

Published: Friday 01 January 1841
Newspaper: Dublin Morning Register
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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