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1800 - 1849
8 1840-1849



North West, England


Lancashire, England


Ulverston, Lancashire, England



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The. Overland

... put any one in arrest who I should dare to offer him counsel 1 Brigadier. General Campbell, who come ended the division of Infantry on our right, was now directed to make a flank movement, and, in obeying the order, exposed the flank of his own troops to ...


... the leg. 27 rank and tile killed and woundtd. Bth Light Cavalry : 3.5 men killed and wounded. Her Majesty's filet Foot: one man killed. Artillery: two men killed and several wounded. 45th Native Infantry : Ensign Hardinge, A. D. C_ wounded severely, shot ...

A Polite Robber

... hour left her house (having previously had a child, which accompanied her), under the protection of a captain in the Bengal Infantry, with whom she lived as his wife fur about a year and a half; part of the time in London, and latterly at Owslebury-cottage ...


... *lt Native Infantry. The elem.% rum as 1.-. the meek, of the 13th we advanced en the enemy's position and fought a most ammo action. It began at %quarter to 11 a. se. by tie Sikhs firing on our advance. Their advanmd pee was areiW by the light company of ...

( To be continued.)

... detection of the parties implicated in the transaetivae--Losidaa Paper. Darn or • V James Henderson. sergeant in the 52d Light Infantry, died at Muse-lane, Glasgow, on the 11th ult. The sergeant in his day was a real hero, and had seen some service and received ...

FRANCE. At an electoral meeting held at the Salle Valentino, Rue St. Honore, Oil Tuesday even.' Mir, at which the

... Rejiirme states that a serious mutiny occurred on Friday evening, after roll call amongst the privates of the 7th Regiment of Light infantry, in consequence of the imprisonment of Sergeant-major Boichot, who has, been adopted by the Socialists ae candidate for ...