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1800 - 1849
145 1840-1849


Edinburgh Evening Post and Scottish Standard



Midlothian, Scotland



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Edinburgh Evening Post and Scottish Standard

ARin & ,\A\ V

... proceed to Lauoosston, to replace the 9Ctli Regiment, which are to occupy Hobart Town Barracks, on the embarkation of the 51st Light Infantry for India. The first battalion of the 23d Royal Welch Fusiliera will proceed from Antigua to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to ...

To b« Majors the Army—Captain J. Trition, light dragoons—Captain J. R. B. Hale. 3

... native infantry Major L. 8. Bird. 24th Bengal native infantry Major W. Alexander, sth Bengal light cavalry—Major W. H. Wake, 44th Bengal native infantry —Major D. Uirrell, Ist Bengal European regiment—Major H. R. Osborn, 64th Bengal nctive ...

From Goods L.26,351 7 0 Deduct for cartage 1,631 I 2

... Punjaub consisted of three regiments of cavalry, the 3d, 9th. and 1 llh Dragoons ; and six rec’iments of infantry, the 10th, 24th. 29th, 32d, 51st, and 61st Fool—about 9000 strong; and two regiments (the and 80th Fool) are on their way to the upper provinces ...


... Maidstone, for Bengal:—Cavalry—3d Regiment Light Dragoons, rank and file; 9tb do. Lancers, .*l6; and I4th Light Dragoons, 110 rank and file. At Chatham, for Madras ; Infantry—2sth Regiment, rank and file; 51st ditto, 10; and 81th ditto, 20, At Maidstone ...


... e of the extraordinary extension of these sands in the direction of the Bunt Head, 1,14 been found necessary to move the light veaaal half further to the westward, in order rover the shoal; and the buoy marks the extreme end the Hunt Head, sixty fathoms ...

In this order the troops moved forward towards the

... commanding her Majesty’s 16th Lancers, who was wounded Msjor Bradford, of the Ist Light Cavalry ; to Major Angelo, of the Light Cavalry ; Major Alexander, of the sth Light Cavalry; to Captain Hill, of the Irregular Cavalry ; Major Forster, of the Sbekawatlee ...


... Heginient Native infantry; Major Birrell and Brevet Captain Seaton, l»t European Light Infantry; Brevet Major Graves, H*tb Grenadiers; Lieut. Reid. battalion; Lieut, vaji. Davies, Oth Foot; Major Handaeonabe. *- , 6 th Regimen Light Infantry ...


... looal lu thg Array—Major J. R. Smyth, of 16th Light Dragoon*. To b* Major* in the Army—Captain T. IT. Pearton, the lt>tl> Light Dragoon* ; Captain E. B. the 16th Light Dragoons ; Captain Flyer. l«th Light Dragoons ; Captain W. Mutbia*. ti,’.! Foot; Captain ...

2d Brigadet

... Fraser, since dead, Lieut. M. D. Freeman. 20th Light Infantry—Killed, Lieutenant O. A. Croly, Lieutenant A. C. Katwell. 73d Regiment—Native Infantry—Killed, Captain R. M. Hunter. 4th Division Infantry—Division Staff—Killed, Lieutenant Harvey, A.D.C.—Wounded ...

frontier station, so unjastltUbly and §9 iMepect* odly menaced. From the advanced and salient situation of ..

... artillery, and two light field batteries, under LieuL-Colunel Brooke, of the horse artillery (brigadier in command of the artillery force), and cavalry division, consisting of bur Majesty’s 3d light dragoons, the body guard, 4th and sth light cavalry, and 9th ...


... whilst the infantry was covered the Bombay troops artillery under Major Blood. On the right of the Bombay column, and with its right resting on the nullah, placed Brigadier Gen. Campbell division infantry covered No. 5, and No. 10, light field batteries ...