BHtTHS. At Helstoa, od Ba turday last, Mrs. Julian, of • daughter. At Fowey, on Wednesday, Mrs. Cowling, of a

... three days only, Edward Kelly Esq. aged 51 years, second son ofthe late Arthur Kelly. Esq. ofKellv. and Captain in the 51st. Light_ Infantry Raiment, in which he served during lhe Peninsular war, where he bravely fought and was severely wounded. He was a man ...

Published: Saturday 04 June 1831
Newspaper: Royal Cornwall Gazette
County: Cornwall, England
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Oracle of Fashion

... Joseph 2elarryatt, Esq. MI. P. to Catherine, youn. daughter of Sir Stephen .hairp, of Russell-place.-Capt. E(r XKeily, 51st light infantry regiment, to Sarah, eldest daughlter the late Henry Braddon, Esq. of Skisdon Lodge, Cornwall. - Mr. Jamnes Smart, clothier ...


... Thomas Wiltshire, K. C. 8., has been selected to the late Lieutenant General Sir Benjamin DUrban, G. C. 8., as colone 51st Light Infantry. This gallant officer highly distinguished himsei m several occasions in the Peninsular War, and was twice wounded at ...

Published: Saturday 30 June 1849
Newspaper: Cheltenham Looker-On
County: Gloucestershire, England
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Her Majesty and the Court will, we believe, to Osborne on tlie 2d of July, and remain there until the

... Willshire, k.c.b., has been selected to succeed the late Licutenant-General Sir Benjamin D f Urban, o.c.n. , Colonel of the 51st Light Infantry. This gallant officer highly distinguished himself upon several occasions in the Peninsular War, and was twice wounded ...


... regiments intended for foreign service :—4Clh and go to Gibraltar 12th to the Mauritius, to relieve the 29th, ordered home; 51st Light Infantry to New South Wales; T7th Hegiment to Malta; GHth, from Gibraltar to Jamaica, to relieve the Mth, ordered home ; 70lh ...

Published: Saturday 20 May 1837
Newspaper: Gloucestershire Chronicle
County: Gloucestershire, England
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... THE ARMY, The whole of the 51st Light Infantry are expected to arrive at Bristol from Belfast. The Dragoon Guards now at Cork, and the 15th, or Kina’s Hussars, now at Newbridge, are under orders to proceed to England. I’lie former regiment will embark ...

Published: Thursday 01 June 1837
Newspaper: Dorset County Chronicle
County: Dorset, England
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... troops at New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land, had eloped with her gallant father's Aid-de-camp, Lieut. Somerset, 51st Light Infantry. A vessel employed to keep the communication across the Danube, while the Pontoon bridge is under repair, struok, on ...


... away their right rather than pay a shilling, are unworthy to possess important privilege. This day, the depot of the 51st Light Infantry, commanded by Major Ross, marched into this town, on their way from Chester Portsmouth, where they expect be joined ...


... At Suitton Bcnger, Wilts, Rt. Nalder, ER to Mi'tss MU. J. RI. Spacknairi.-At Shepton-Mallet, ?? Uayl5, Esq. Calpt. 51st Light Infa.ntry, to MissJane Pl'rlewvent.-T~5 R~ev. John Olive, A. M- of Wadhamn College, Osford,} tc M~ara'arct, second daugphter ...

Published: Monday 04 July 1825
Newspaper: Bristol Mercury
County: Bristol, England
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POSTSCRIPT, LONDON, Thurday, November 23

... —A court martial has sat several days at Chatham-barracks, for the trial of Ensign Charles Sheffield Dickson, of the 51st Light Infantry, stationed in that garrison, for conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and gentleman, in having been seen ...

Published: Saturday 25 November 1837
Newspaper: Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
County: Devon, England
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... clothier, late of North Nibley, this county. Nor. 11, at St. John's Church, Paddington. Captain Tyudale, formerly of the 51st Light Infantry, sun of the late Colonel Tyndale, the Life Guards, and formeily North Cerney, in this county, to Anne Catherine, eldest ...

Published: Saturday 15 November 1845
Newspaper: Gloucester Journal
County: Gloucestershire, England
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The Queen has been plessed to appoint the Earl Fingall one the Lords Waiting to her Majesty. About 80 election

... The late Court Martial.—The finding and sentence court martial recently held at Chatham, Ensign C. S. Dickson, of the 51st light infantry, were on Sunday last read to that officer. The court fouud him guilty of the charges prefeired against him, and sentenced ...

Published: Monday 18 December 1837
Newspaper: Sherborne Mercury
County: Dorset, England
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