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Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser

\ CARD JOHN CROSS begs to intimate, that his j f\ SHOW-ROOMS will be RE-OPENED on or about the 22d

... \ CARD JOHN CROSS begs to intimate, that his j f\ SHOW-ROOMS will be RE-OPENED on or about the 22d instant, with a complete and elegant ASSORTMENT of NEW GOODS for the WINTER FASHIONS, which he is now selecting, personally, in London and other markets ...


... existed, which it would be their duty to watch, and as speedily as possible to allay. Mr. JOHN O'CONNELL seconded the amendment, commencing, as did Mr. Grattan, with paying a tribute of admiration to the speech of Mr. Disraeli. He then took a hurried ...


... Feb. 2. New Writs.—New wn'ts were ordered for the county of Donegal, in the room of Colonel Connolly, deceased; and for Cardigan, in the room of Mr. P. Pryse, deceased. Debts from Members of Parliament.—Mr. MOFFATT gave notice that on Tuesday next he ...


... Alexander Hope U.thian (East) R Ferguson , (_(.„,„. Balfour PeeblesLre John Hey v-rthshire Hon Fox Maule Renfrewshire Sir M Stewart Hois and Cromarty AS Mackenzie urirhshire Lord John Scott Selkirkshire A Priegle Stirlingshire Forbes SntherUindshire Roderick ...

Imperial Parliament

... Baldwin, Dr. Fitslmon. N. O'Ferrall, R. M. i Barron. H. VV. French, F. * O'Loghlen, Sergt. ' Harry, G. S. Grattan, J. Perrin, Loui* Bellew, n. Grattan, H. Power, P. Sir P. Jephson, C. D. O. Power. J. Blake. M. J. Lynch. A. H. Raphael, A. Bodkin, J. Macnamara ...

Imperial Parliament

... government? »f ßl should fulfil his duty to his constituents, and persevcrmgly oppose every motion founded upon this , Mr. H. Grattan eulogised Mr. Peel tor his manly conduct in owning his error. , . Sir J. Mackintosh most cordially concurred every part of ...


... ON : . John russell's amendment. Majority against Lord John Russell's Resolution (tellers included) 351 Minority ''airs, 17. Absent Conservatives 8 ■Liberals 28 Scuts Vacant, Double Returns, Sfc. Southampton, Salop, Cornwall, Clackmannan, Cardigan, Thetford ...

Imperial Parliament

... grievanc-s of IrelanoWjyJegWation ; but he considered the man who armed himself a pistol, and drew the trigger of it against an unoffending man, a very bad and dangerous legislator. His friend, Mr. John O'Connell, had talked for more than two hours and half on ...


... all arms—with 120 field guns, and 100 siege guns. And, on his effecting a reduction, which he from the best and well-considered views of economy, felt himself called upon to make, he did not diminish by one man or by one gun that most essential arm of ...

Foreign Intelligence

... lives at Knocksentry, Limerick, was attacked by an armed party, who knbeked at the door and demanded admittance. Kelly, who was sitting at the fire eating his supper, rose with one of bis children in bis arms for the purpose of opening the door, when the parties ...

Domestie Intelligence

... examined Bowstreet, touching the murder of English labourer named Long John. It appeared, that on Saturday evening, John KeaTsley, one of the prisoners, quarreled with Long John, and in a scuffle which ensued, Kearsley knocked him down with a thick ...

Imperial Parliament

... n of «>me petitions relative to that Mr. Monck, Mr. J. Grattan, Mr. H. Grattan n™ rand others, seemed to think favourably of such » m yne ' ' J - Maxwell, other hand, warmly opposed by Sir John aS re ' which was on H. Fitzgerald, and Colonel Trench. ...