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... IMPORTANT MEETING. A public meeting waa held at the Town Hall, Harwich Wednesday last, pursuant to a requisition signed by upwir/ of 70 of the inhabitants, and addressed to the Mayer, ...

Published: Friday 10 November 1843
Newspaper: Essex Standard
County: Essex, England
Type: Article | Words: 6732 | Page: Page 2, 3 | Tags: transport 


... “RIVAL’ A- “ WINDER COACHES. , IIE Proprietorf TIIK RIVAL ”r»larn their boot thanks to their numerous Friends for tbo libetal share of Patronage and support they hare received, and b ...

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... yltrt. B11fXT'$t, TAVERN STREET, IPSWICH, I7 (S to return thanks for the kind patronage she has .) received from thie Ladies of Ipawich and its Vicinity, d begs for a conitilluanc of their favours, sh ...