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... leading to Sobs-ons, and about e a quarter of a mile froti Rheims, in front of which d were posted strong pastties of cavalry, infantry, and artillery. The enemy were seen advancing in heavy s masses of 6valry and, a numerous artillery, which a they formed ...

Published: Thursday 07 April 1814
Newspaper: Caledonian Mercury
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 3936 | Page: 2 | Tags: Commerce 

The London Gazette Extraordinary

... ; anid tvher I h'tad to von r Lordilhip, that Mar- t -Shal Blu'clltr's arm'IN w via 4! Fi~iiite, onl tie 24th, and INNA, lighting at La-Ferie, Gauchs'r .11 the '26th, mnakiing a c iiiarvii oftwellvi.ix.-1vla'i- it %ill he evident that nlo phy- .t sical ...

Published: Thursday 14 April 1814
Newspaper: Exeter Flying Post
County: Devon, England
Type: Article | Words: 4849 | Page: 2 | Tags: Commerce 


... Thiey bri.'i fitionews chat ha it rot bespn antici s'-ol try the rrivil of the iderwicki 74, which -51P A wag tie losso pst 51St of qsraramstzne. Soiled the F,-reirer, iii, Clsatyh'lis, iii, 5-s thse ianterer, er 18, for Cork; dle two Fnrlcer tso join ...

Published: Saturday 10 September 1814
Newspaper: Morning Chronicle
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 1542 | Page: 3 | Tags: Commerce 


... dispoltjioo for tihe attark being Made, it was commenced Wilb S-l soineb imapeluosity by the light brigilde, consistiiig oF ite 85ih light infaniry and the light infantry comptasies of the ur:y, uonder tbe coinmnand of 'Clottel Tbhortten, thar tze for- tifled ...

Published: Sunday 02 October 1814
Newspaper: The Examiner
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 1994 | Page: 3, 4 | Tags: Commerce