... of burning iron. The streets were so light that one might have picked up a pin. It disappeared suddenly, and every person who saw it seemed confident that it fell near him. In about minute and a half after the light ceased, sound like cannon was heard ...


... ice—a circumstance unprecedented of years. A novelty attended the ice on Wednesday night; it presented fine scene by torch-light; there were actually many young men practising the figure movements as late nine o'clock at night. Meeting for the Remef the ...


... All those admitted Saturday night.were retained Sunday, and provided with three meals ; and the Gas Comp.any gratuitously lighted the apartments. This charity, therefore, is, we presume, ail that, 'the ardour of-our fondest hopes, could' have expected ...


... Alt those admitted on Saturday night were retained Sunday, and provided with three meals ; and the Gas Company gratuitously lighted the apartments. This charity, therefore, is, we presume, all that, the ardour of-our fondest hopes, could have expected, ...


... ducks, and other water-fowl, dropped down dead in the public streets. The nights were so severe, that piles of wood were lighted up at the ends of several streets, which were left burning till morn- ing, in' order' to qualify the cold, for those whose ...

Published: Thursday 20 January 1820
Newspaper: Exeter Flying Post
County: Devon, England
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... irrevocable termination ihat these troOps should depart for South America, they determined resist. s Four battalions of infantry, who were distributed jin. the named immediately united together. This division was soon augmented Other and they advanced ...


... place Wednesday night next. the apartments leading anil where the i,ody of the Sovereign rests, are hung with black cloth; wax lights are continually burning. • The pages of his late Majesty alternately relieve each other. In sitting by remains of their late ...

WILTSHIRE. BRIDGE over the River Avon, at Downtox, in the county of Wilts, called Catherine Bridge, having been ..

... Lie undersigned, being the Commissioners named and appointed under or by virtue an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 51st year ,°f present Majesty, King George the third, intituled 'An Act for inclosing Lands the parish of Tilshcad, the county of ...

Published: Monday 14 February 1820
Newspaper: Salisbury and Winchester Journal
County: Wiltshire, England
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... Washington with full, ample, and complete powers raise sixteen battalions of Infantry, addition to those previously voted ; appoint officers; raise, officer, and equip 3,000 light horse, 3 regiments of artillery, and engineer*, and fix their pay -to have ...

Published: Thursday 17 February 1820
Newspaper: Cheltenham Chronicle
County: Gloucestershire, England
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FUNERAL OF his Majesty George the Third

... could be tlobrded to them, and at any price: while, at the other, were all the gencral forrtm of town-conveyances, from the light denet 'down to the ?? donky-cart, filled just as their appearances would'warrant, front the young sprig of lfishion, down to ...

Published: Monday 21 February 1820
Newspaper: Bristol Mercury
County: Bristol, England
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... officer's arms, c-ving out 41 Oh, God —- He spoke no more, but died instantly. Thistlewood then called to his pane put out the lights. Huthven, Smithewfalling into' his arms, pistol at Thistlewood, which missed fire, then his, and missjsd him. The Guards ...

Sunday and Tuesday's Posts

... suspended, by order of the Governor of Gibraltar.—2ooo of O'Donnel's troops, bad joined tbe rebel cause; and most of the Spanish infantry are so disaffected, that the Royalist Generals fear to bring them within sight of the Insurgents : this explains the inactivity ...