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Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier

Cibt Etppttcr. an® tfatK donuncvcial Cornier

... tth Chasseurs, who commanded the first charge; aouille, the Hue ; I apt. the !)th I.ight Infantry; .iiithiiisj his Aide-dcsfamp, and laentenant Milo, Light Infantry, having nlarly detingmsiied themselves, llie greatest order continues rcigu in Madrid. ~ ...

TOR sfparate sf.rvicc

... Regiment of Infantry, will arrive to-day, to-morrow, and the following day, Portpatrick, on their route Ireland. Tie 66th (2d York North Riding) Regiment of Foot, which was relieved by the Regiment, now on its march Hull. Tlic 9th (Light) Regiment of ...


... oyd, oth foot; Williamson, half pay I2olh foot, Edinburgh Crichton, half pay Indep. Edinburgh ; G. Mayer, half pay 2d Light Infantry, German Legion, Hanover. Lieutenant*—Creagh, Bth Dragoons. Ipswich ; Yates, retired list 9th Veteran Battalion, Ireland; ...


... inclnding 3,000 Oliiceri* horses. 14,000 men.” This list iloes not include ihc Artillery, the Regiments Engineers, and the Light Infantry. ...

Zd. Veteran Bn tin Hon,

... Zd. Veteran Bn tin Hon, Lieutenants—Lieut, John Croffcon, from halfpay, York Light Infantry Volunteers ; William Hamilton Water* from half-pay foot; Mathew f.O’Heilly, from pay 6ti» Garrison Battalion ; Wm. Mackenzie, from lialf-puy 72d foot ; Henry Clarence ...


... receive him, and to require that should turn back.— The Aid-dc-Camp met, just before he reached the bridge of two light hootemen, then two infantry soldiers, afterwards the Aid-de-Camp of Wilson, and last Wilson himself. He was mounted on a small mule, with ...

CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION’. Duet.l S, WFDNF.snAY, MAT 38. Yesterday adjournerl meeting of this Association was held ..

... for, soon after two boats came in, ami ./lil tubs of spirits were run, and large quantity of her goods carried o(T, two neat light carts, two gcntcrl-looking men, with the loss of only of) tulvs spirits, and French ehdit-oar life-boat, and winch received ...

BANKRUPT MEETINGS, COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, CORK. In the Matter Stephen James Roche, will Sit on taresday ..

... sice Kcllctt, who exchanges. Dated June Ist West India Lieut. R, Robinson from the Light Dragoons, to lie Captain, purchase, vice Broke, promoted in the Cape Corps Infantry.—Dated 19th June 1823. Ditto—Capt. John I.’Estrange, from the Cfith Foot, to Captain ...

%l)c atit> CotK Ccmmggcia! Courier

... —To be purchase : Cornel Jol Coy from pay I2tli Light Dragoons 'ice St. John, promoted the Cape Corps Cavalry ; John Gilbert Ogilvie. gent, vire Regiment of Light Dragoons—-Lient. Smith, from the Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant, vice Jackson, who ...


... campaign. led Mr. Regiment of Light Comet Elton be Lieutenant,, rice Foster, appointed to tlie Cape Corps Cavalry. Dated Aug. 1823. 17th Ditto—To Lieutenants—Lieutenant George F. Clarke, from half-pay Bth Light Dragoons, vice Francis Curtay ...


... two lea'pics beyond Guadalhucrtoua, by the chasseurs of the 10th and l!Hh regiments, supported a company reflemen of the 4th light, who came quick imirch to. share in the success. Never were shouts I'irc te Roi,” more loud and cordial. The enemy left the ...

Bcportrr, anb Commercial C^tiricr*

... from iulf die Regt. to Lieut, vice Win, Locke, who exchanges receiving die difference. ■kill Uegt. Light Drugoon—.Carnet Edin. Bromwich, from die Light Dragoons lie Comet, vice Knox vviio 'changes. James John Fraser, Major, purcliasv, vice JLtmlyn WilliaKia ...