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... purchase, vice .Storey Cortiot Mnmahy t?» Ik* J.ieiitenaiit purchase, vice er j Cornet Patrick, Cliajmcrs, from linlf-jvny l.ight Dsjigooos, to Cornet, jniivliose, vice llHh Dragoons—Corned Thomas Wootl .leu tenant, purchase, vice I-or Wiltshire, flics ...

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... tth Chasseurs, who commanded the first charge; aouille, the Hue ; I apt. the !)th I.ight Infantry; .iiithiiisj his Aide-dcsfamp, and laentenant Milo, Light Infantry, having nlarly detingmsiied themselves, llie greatest order continues rcigu in Madrid. ~ ...

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... Regiment of Infantry, will arrive to-day, to-morrow, and the following day, Portpatrick, on their route Ireland. Tie 66th (2d York North Riding) Regiment of Foot, which was relieved by the Regiment, now on its march Hull. Tlic 9th (Light) Regiment of ...

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... —To be purchase : Cornel Jol Coy from pay I2tli Light Dragoons 'ice St. John, promoted the Cape Corps Cavalry ; John Gilbert Ogilvie. gent, vire Regiment of Light Dragoons—-Lient. Smith, from the Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant, vice Jackson, who ...


... of Cloyne and fiunily arrived at the house of bis son-in-law, Archdeacon Munuscll, this city. Tnr. Army. —The regiments of Infantry now forming the garrison of Dublin arc lieing instructed in several new modifications of the old field mansenvrea of Dnndns’s ...