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VItruA U,ING HIS MAJESTrS REVENUE IRELAND. His Majesty’s Customs I hi'irbv live notire, that they will receive ..

... lull’pay illh Light Dragoons, be Veterinary Surgeon, vice Ncabitt, deceased. Ivt Regiment of Dragoons—Asostar.t-Surgcon Edward, TcJlie, from half pay W)th foot, to Assistant-Surgeon, vice Hugh M'CRnlock, who retiw* upon half pay. Hih Regiment of light Dragoon-;— ...

Zd. Veteran Bn tin Hon,

... Zd. Veteran Bn tin Hon, Lieutenants—Lieut, John Croffcon, from halfpay, York Light Infantry Volunteers ; William Hamilton Water* from half-pay foot; Mathew f.O’Heilly, from pay 6ti» Garrison Battalion ; Wm. Mackenzie, from lialf-puy 72d foot ; Henry Clarence ...


... bead-quarters and die Ist Butt, tlv 7th of die I-in.’ Dec. 1. Ist Ci'inma of Artillery of the Ist Corps and 7th of Light Infantry Ditto ♦O 4. 3d Ditto stdO The King remains at Cordova, and will not have it till he has rested there some ...

miutakV obituary

... Inland—Dagnett, half-pay Ceylon Regiment—Corduer, lialf-pay Waller's Corps, Lisburn, Iralaud—lLwenthel, half-pay York light Infantry Volunteers Hamburgh. Lieutenant—Uobcruon, half-pay 4th Ceylon Regt. AnstruGier. Ensign—Taylor, late Veteran Battalion ...