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Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier


... of Infantry, by purchase Major James Brander, from IJd foot. Brevet Colonel John Pringle, from 26th foot. Major William Pearce, from the foot. Major John Leslie, from the foot. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel A. Anderson, from foot be Majors of Infantry, by ...


... wounded. Killed—Lieut. Colonel Conry, 3d light infantry ; Capt. Cursham, Ist European regiment ; Capt. Stedman, 3 4th light infantry Lieutenant Adams light infantry. Wounded—Lieut. Colonel Pepper, commanding ...

\TO T,,E IOWN’ r,!R ANN £l ?0n I PS... CJ. I Currency. ITO THE COUNTRY, PER D 0... 3 0 0 $ ) J

... of Infantry, by purchase—Capt. Albert Goldsmid, from 3kh ; Captain William Bragge, from Light Dragoons ; Captain Edward M‘Arthur, from 19lh Foot ; Captain Thomas Reed, from Capt. George Waller Prosser, from 7th Dragoon Guards. Captains of Infantry, p ...


... Coldstream Guards ; Major Charles Uoutledge O’Donnell, from the 15th Light Dragoons; Major J Rudsdell, from the 98lh. To Majors of Infantry by purchase—Captain Benjamin Adams, from the 17th Light Dragoons ; Captain Robert Vandeleur, from the foot ; John Wm. ...

gent, vice 13add, promoted ; dated I2tii July IB2G

... 1826, Unattached —To Majors of Infantry by purchase —Captain Frederick Macbcan, from toe 7th Foot. Captain Macdowall, from the Foot. Captain George J3akcr, from the IGtli Light Dragoons; dated IBtli July be Captains of Infantry, purchase.—Lieut. Wm. Milligan ...


... army. UNA John Spink, from the 9*2 d foot, to Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry, by ptirchase. C*jj>tain Charles Slice, trom the BVlh Foot, to be .Major Infantry, purchase. Captains of Infantry, by purcAo*?—Lieutenants Hubert Henry from the foot, George William ...


... vice Westenra, promoted. IOUi Dj.—Captain W. T. Harrison, from the Bth Light Dragoons, to be Captai ), vice Hankey, who exchanges. Do.—Major Sir J. R. Eustace, from half pay 19lh Light Dragoons, to be Major, vice Marshall, promoted. 17lh Do.—Lieutenant W ...

27111 Foot, vice M-Plierson. appointed to the u. .. Ensigns—George Maxwell, Gent vice Goulden, appointed to the ..

... from 17th Light Dragoons. *• To Captains of Infantry, purchase—l. Allan Macdonald, from 97th foot; Robert Smyth, from 2Jth foot; Charles Corkeran. fromu^' Dragoon Guards ; George Croasdade, from t l d l'V'' Joseph King Stewart, from Hth Light Dr,„ ...


... Colonel Infantry by purchase— Major Hon. George Cathcart, from the 22d Foot. Majors of Infantry purchase^—Captain Gonvslle Bromhead, from the 19th Foot; Captain George Ford, from the 2d Foot; Captain A. Taylor, fron I9th Foot, Captains of Infantry by pu ...


... commission. UxATTAEHi:r> —To Lieutenant-Colonels Infantry |,v put chase—Major William Macadam, from the 70th loot. Captain Charles Parker Ellis, from tire Ist or Grenadier Regiment Guards. Majors Infantry, purchase—Captain Frederick Mcxander Mackenzie Fraser ...


... Daly, deceased. Unattached—Captain Hugh Lumiey, from the foot Major of infantry by purchase. I'o be Captains of Infantry by purchase—Lieutenant David Thurlow Conynghainc, trom the Light Dragoons; Lieut. John Temple, from the foot ; Lieut. Henry Gascoyne ...