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... Lawrence Alfred Joseph, to Assistant Surgeon, vice Trimble, who retires upon half pay. 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons Captain Edward Cormick, from half pay Light Dragoons, to Pay master, vice Wm. Wildey, placed upon half pay. oth Regiment of DragoonsHon. ...


... vice \| strong, who resigns the Adjutancy only. 12th Regt. of Light Dragoons ..Surgeon M W. Kemi from the foot, to be Surgeon, vice Durloti, decease i 5 l lth DoSurgeon P. H. from the 51st ( ' Surgeon, vice T. Forster, who retires upon half-payg)] Ist ...


... Diek, from the half pay, to Lieutenant, vice Richard Francis Puore, who exchanges, receiving the difference. 7th Regt. of Light Dragoons Assistant-Surgeon Samuel Wm. Chennside, M. D. from the 11th foot, be. Assistant- Surgeon, vice Moflitt, promoted ...

THE ARMY military promotions AND exchanges WAK OFFICE NOV. ‘JO, IS'iA. .jj Hegiment Dragoon Guards—('aptain ..

... Benjamin from the Hth Light Dragoons; Captain Henry Armytage, from the Coldstream Foot Guards Capt, Henry Ellis Boates, from the Royal Horse Guards ; and Major Hon. George Ralph Abercromby, from the 3 Dragoon Guards. bt Captains of Infantry, purchase—Lieut ...


... to march from Leeds for Dorcht ster. Theslst Regiment of Infantry has been removed from Zante to Corfu. The 90: h Regiment of Infantry has been removed from Ccphalonia to Zame, to relieve the 51st Regiment. NAVAL NEWS. Portsmouth, May 17.—Vice Admiral Lord ...

Published: Saturday 24 May 1828
Newspaper: Cork Constitution
County: Cork, Republic of Ireland
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... and 96th Regiments of Infantry, marched yesterday morning from London for Portsmouth, on foute to Plymouth. A Detachment of the 51st Kegioient of Foot marched yesterday morning from- London tof Gosport. A detachment the 69th infantry proceeded yesterday ...

MARQUIS OF ANGLESEY. T v Sept. 4. —His Excellency arrived at ml' between 4 and 5 o’clock on Tuesday, P

... morning -27. h and '•I, Portsmouth, on route Jersey; 43d. 94th, and n,'-' Portsmouth, r.-utc to Plymnutli; 51st Fool, for iln'ivrt; hilt It Infantry, for Burnley; 70lh Foot, for liriuol, route to Cork. I Melbourne, the recent Secretary cwte in Ireland, it ...

Published: Saturday 06 September 1828
Newspaper: Cork Constitution
County: Cork, Republic of Ireland
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... 47th Foot; Denham, half pay unattached. Major.. .Meachaoi, half-pay 88th Foot. CaptainsLloyd, 3d Right Dragoons ; Hinson, 51st foot ; Johnson, half pay Royal Waggon I rain ; hclnilgen, half pay Foreign Corps Waggoners Garvey, late Ist Veteran Battallion ...


... the lith of February, Major-General Thornton, President. Sir. Walker, Deputy Judge Advocate, for thetnal ot Officer of the Light Dragoons. 'Die Detachments belonging to the I.lth, l+th, 31st, With and 44th Regiments of Infat.try.whieh were bound Bengal ...

Published: Tuesday 05 February 1828
Newspaper: Cork Constitution
County: Cork, Republic of Ireland
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... Lieutenant-Colonels of Infantry by purchaseMajor Lord Charles Spencer Churchill, from the 75th foot, dated Dec. 31 ; Major James M‘Alpine, from the loth Light Dragoons, Dec. 31; Major Hon. George Berkeley Molyneanx, from the 7th Light Dragoons, Dec. 31; ...


... 26th foot. Unattached— Major Edward Studd, from the loth Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, purchase ; Lieut. Harry Shakespear Phillips, from the 7th foot, to be Captain of infantry by purchase. The undermentioned officer having Brevet ...


... be Lieut.-Colonels of Infantry by purchase. Majors Lord C. S. Churchill from the It foot. James from the 15 h Light Dragoons, lion. (>. ll.Mulyneux, from llie7 Light Dragoons. jamesAlexamler Lord Loughborough, from the 9th Light Dragoons. Lieut and ...

Published: Saturday 05 January 1828
Newspaper: Cork Constitution
County: Cork, Republic of Ireland
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