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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland



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Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries

... Friday the 6th subijet hins: the IteV. .IxAME GILLAN, D.D. minister of that thle Ni parish, in, the 78th year of his age, andi 51st~of his nii- city OF Anisiry. onl ear D'Iied, at Macycuilter on the 6ith inst., AncocTs Bow-~ also a' 'r )1, x, the Wife of' ...

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries

... wife of James Blair, Esq. Perth Bank. s At LBalnaguard, on the oth curt. Lieutenant Duncat - D'Diarmid; late of the Vork light infantry volunteers. Y aged 3ll. , At Star Bank, on the 50h curt. Miss Catharine hfax. r well, tlauilhter of thi llate John 111axwell ...

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries

... was interred in the I West Church Yard of this town, the remnins of Josr.Nu rgMURRtAYr, late of' the 25th. Regitnent of Infantry, ageld linel 92 yealrs. Hia served in that corps under those renowned? hut or Cnmnders, thle Duke of Marlborough, and Prince ...