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... to the events in Paradise: proving the Temptation and Fall of Man by the in- strumentality of a SERPENT TEMPTER. By the Rev. JOHN BATHURST DEANE, M. A. late of Pembroke College, Cambridge; Curate of St. Benedict Finck; and Evening Preacher at the Chapel ...


... Avignon was stopped by hand from 10 armed men on the 24. b February, in mistake for the tumbrils which carry to Toulon money for the to Aig'ers.—2,o64 emigrants from Ireland, and 146 from Great Britain,arrive.■ atSt. John's, New Brunswick, in 1829.—The Duchess ...

Published: Thursday 18 March 1830
Newspaper: Brighton Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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... Geucial of Sbippiu,, Ciuluiui, Loiidou, 57 years. May ),at Brambling, aged 13 months, Eliza Anne, daughter John Wood, esq. (i. N. April 18, Mr. John Harris of Lower Hardres, aged 40. April 19, at Gravesend, aged after painful dines of tjvo years, Mungo, ...


... Mr. John Lamer Ward, manager of a company of comedians now at Eltham, was about retiring to rest, when be was alarmed the shrieks of some females, who were calling for help. Sir. Ward instantly aroused Mr. one of his company, and both having armed themselves ...

Published: Saturday 19 June 1830
Newspaper: Windsor and Eton Express
County: Berkshire, England
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... is subscribed. and the deposit '2l. 10*. at the time of purchase. Tlie Marquis f Lansdowne. Marquis of ellesley, Earl of Cardigan, Karl Fitzwilliam. Karl of Denhiuh, and Lord Milton, were re-appoirled a provisional Committee. Mr. Wilson, the projector ...

Published: Monday 12 July 1830
Newspaper: Sussex Advertiser
County: Sussex, England
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... TRUSTEE-S. LO Lord Viscbunt Mlilton. IIA. Spottiswoode, Ensq. It. P. LO Sic John Dean Paul, Bapt. I Gea. Frederick Cnirden, Esq. LO PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. LO (Shareholder.) LO Sir John Dean PaaL. Dart. G (eo. Frederick Cardenn, -Esq. LO Sir Robert Price, Bart ...


... publicity, inasmuch «- being part that vast property the Mine Hotte-s of ibis Inu h«» the exclusive right to give I mission Cardigan's .idopted Favourite ** is not perhaps generally known, that the invaluable library of book-—collection of pictures by all ...

Published: Tuesday 24 August 1830
Newspaper: South Eastern Gazette
County: Kent, England
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... Netherlands. Bly ?? Colley Grattan. Complete in otis volutme': al Nethertlans in mthe Sixteetth Censtury.-Painting, whirls had s languished isefore the fifteenth century, sprung at once, into a eunew existence from the invention of John Van Eyck, known Ibetter ...


... The former had (say* Mr. Grattan) the distinctive characteristics of tho Saxon race—talent* for agiicoltnre, navigation, and Com* meree—perseverance rather than vivacity—and more courage than taste for the profession of arms: the latter, on the other ...

Published: Tuesday 21 September 1830
Newspaper: South Eastern Gazette
County: Kent, England
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*d o' A VERY STRANi Guildhall.—A (saj sue of the of the portraits of Laurie oo Saturday, I No. 40,

... 1 can they beat?** and hits ex Mercury, order of Government, the police are now actively engaged searching for unregistered arms in the county Kerry. We have not heard whether this measure has been resorted to with view to prevent local or general disturbance ...

Published: Saturday 09 October 1830
Newspaper: Windsor and Eton Express
County: Berkshire, England
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... follow out that perilous profession—an instance of youthful intrepidity very rare among the order to which be belongs. Mr. Grattan, his History of the Netherlands, states that one of the most violent factions which ever existed any countrv, took place Holland ...

Published: Saturday 09 October 1830
Newspaper: Berkshire Chronicle
County: Berkshire, England
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... Netherlands. The trial came on before the Cour at Brussels; when the prisoners were escorted into the Court by two gens-d’armes, and placed on chairs immediately facing the Judges. On the part of the defendants it was urged that the plaintiff had already ...

Published: Saturday 09 October 1830
Newspaper: Bucks Gazette
County: Buckinghamshire, England
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