... •' cra|f. x-alttl IUHiMtU K l-.i-.raUih, «.f .\hn>f«irh. the o-un»r of Cardigan, «id..u, linen -It 4. m April J, Whit l.i.n Irn, ( t«d. t larl.c Ml .Vn, Brim i. IV. t.rr John Mill and IBruinl. linen mcr. hantb. fM.. 4. , 1 IVter Hinsnu-r*' near the ...

Published: Tuesday 02 March 1830
Newspaper: Manchester Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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... \. rv* .vl,. Sid Mr. s *ft, ,Sors i« , Pet «T John ituhard t «W*. N.-muh. *fn t. s,al»M Krb. 27. , * WIHKIts J.-hn. *d Wtst K»aJ. th« county Lincoln, draper and irrorfT, d« Mar h 22, Vpril 27. Mason * Arm* Inn. D>utn. s»l Mr. Knm.'h. lf.»t.*n. Pet it* ...

Published: Tuesday 23 March 1830
Newspaper: Manchester Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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... , in county of Cardigan, the estate and residence of the late Admiral dece**d. 4k0.a1! that Freehold Messuage, Teoerauartnnd lowuix, yfl (hr appurtenances called GwaialJt.nituper in Ike pariah •Utnwwrog afore Mid, in the said Cardigan. all Freehold Messuage ...

■aJnCBTO DEBTORS & CREDITORS. Ll persons having any claims or demands A against the estate ofthe late WILLIAM ..

... HALFORD, MATTHEW JOHN TIERNEY. The following is a copy of the bulletin issued yesterday : — Windsor Castle, May 7. The King has passed the last 24 hours under a continued mitigation of his symptoms. HENRY HALFORD, MATTHEW JOHN TIERNEY. The subjoined ...

Published: Saturday 15 May 1830
Newspaper: Lancaster Gazette
County: Lancashire, England
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ation testing machine. is HEREBY GIVEN, ib»t the the Coraotelion Liverpool In V CHINE vine th

... the new Cellrge of« mil«. J'«Uli Cardigan mile., Carmarthen l» 1- and New Quay and 12 truler. ,11 of ti eltcet tlirto are good roads, and thtm it dally Lon. .o,t the town of 1 .ampeter. Estate apply to John Jones, of «>wnteen, i, [»liitt: ...

irtbripool, 3Mmc 3,1830

... Commander in Chief in Bengal —-Colonel the Hon. John Kanuetr. Majealy’a half pae, to be Military SeerClart; Capt. Aleaantler M‘U»hlan, (loyal Artillery; l.teul. Lord Kaoney, a »llh Regiment; and Capuin John Byrne, Majeaty'a Slat Regiment, to A ideate-Camp; ...


... Murigi—PrwfWiaor, Marv .u,d Helena. Knight, uni, Nlrl cd/»u//*We, Swift. WiUianis, ant FUtcr-. Jm.,.Sri.c«, MaOuC, John. Kelly. and Mcr-ae*.., Jourt-Tr*. rnitrr. CsMt Packet, Poyr*r— SsAwkcrfr. Betfcv. V.'illia .**—/fwArvfrr, Onunnra, Bailey— ...

iLturrpool, SJnly 1.1»30

... hinp off the deck ; had been with wafer one of 11. M. Packets fc nd did not want any Ihe Nelson, Crawford, from London fnr St- John’s, ■ N.B. was spoken 2«th ult in lal 42 11, lon. 61 0, all well; , It-td the crew >f the Kathleen h ...


... THE APPROACHING ELECTIONS. Lancashire.—Our readers are already aware that Mr. Blackburne retires, and that John 'Wilson Patten, Esq. of Bank Hall, announces himself. Lord Stanley also again offers. Liverpool. —It isbelieved Mr. Huskisson and General Gascoyne ...

Imperial Parliament

... member's inquiry. The bill was then passed through the whole of its respective stages. STATE OF IRELAND. Mr. GRATTAN presented a petition from John Hughes, a pensioner, complaining or a stoppage of his pension. The honourable member, in moving that the petition ...


... second votes without prejudice to him, willrcn-j .Mr. Grattan's election much more than at first supposed. It the corporation interest should not split between Air. AI urn and the recorder, .Air. Grattan • ill he defeated. The of the poll on Friday was Moore ...

Published: Tuesday 17 August 1830
Newspaper: Manchester Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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... H.IXA'nrFTS RONN’EV John Or««rge, Tnwcr.bili, I.uooi->, ••n'*- nun la .i ■, Aug. * ...