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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland



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RECOLLECTIONS SERVICE. Lieutenant C. Shaw, R.A. Of hie Scottish Naval and Military Academy. CHAPTER XII. The ..

... return it with any effect. RepmeiXr regiment were ordered pass the bridge At last the st Tight infantry came up tt, supported bv 6Btll light infantry. The 51st was steered, and emddnot get on. Just the moment they stopped, the fifth round them, and, during ...


... lery by Colonel Rogers, the batteries by Lieuten- ?? Cleveland, the cavalry by Sir C. Dal- biac, and the Foot Guards and Infantry by Major. General D'Oyly. It was not until nearly twelve o'clock that her Majesty arrived on the ground. The Queen came in ...


... Hunt uniform. M\r Scott of Sinron. Mr C~ampbell, 7th lrsagoon guards. Mr Miller, 14th light dragoons. Hon. Mr Yelverten, 64ths regiment. Mr Lockhart, M~adras infantry. Mr Fitzroy, Colcleuche Mr Dsogla s, 79dm regimzent. Mr F. Browno Doaughas. Ditr Henry ...


... siortly succeed Sir I us~e°lj as Comrnander of the Forces in 1ree]d~l~ Arthur has exchanged from half pay Ito 7k. Highlalpd Light Infantry, cominatidedbys t ef Colonel. Charles Grey, to qualify hirself hJ a .appointineitt. d It is said that the King of I-olland ...


... W. M. Alexander, Captain Buckle, 10 Captaini Macdonald, Captains Bayly, Hoey, Strachian, Pn and W,'ithsam, of the 68th light infantry, Mr Parkinson t? and Mr Talmay Beale of ditto, - Captain Brown of it( -e North B3erwick, Mr Proctor, Mr Campbell, Mr Ainslie ...