BIRTHS— On the 13th hist., at Sandwell, Staffordshire the Countess of Dartmouth, of a daughter. On the 14th ..

... Giveeu, of the late Royal 10th Hussars. J DlED—\t Hampton, oh Monday, the 7th instant, Anne, widow of the late Sir George Yonge, Bart. At Torquay, Devonshire, ou Friday, the 11th inst., in the ; 25th year of his age, Alexander Champion Slreatrield Esq ...

Published: Tuesday 15 January 1833
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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... regretted, Vice-Admiral Windham, nephew to chelate Right Hon. William Windham. At Hampton. Anne, widow of the late Sir George Yonge, Bart. Suddenly, In Great Port lan d-stree% London, aged J. Brookes, Ksq., F.R.S., F.L.S., Sot. Css. Nat. Cur. Mosq. Soc. Jan ...

PREFERRED.—The Rev. T. Lfnton, M. A» to the Vicarage of Warmington, Northamptonshire vacant the death of the ..

... aged 74, Sir J. Homfray, Knt. of Laiidaff House, in tbe county of Glamorgan.—At Hap ton, Anne, widow of the late Sir George Yonge, Bart—At Doncaster, Colonel Holmes, B. late of the 3d Dragoon Guards.— At Bath, in his 85th year, R. Tindal, Esq. father of ...

Published: Saturday 19 January 1833
Newspaper: Norfolk Chronicle
County: Norfolk, England
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life ftlarffeefeliiee S^eet

... Thursday, the 2ath instant, the ROYAL OAK INN, in Eccleshall, on which occasion their presence will be considered favour. WESTON YONGE, Esc*. inthf.Chair. T HIGGINS BURNE, Esq. Vice-President. Dinner on the table at five o’clock precisely. 1 ickets, one Sovcrign ...

Published: Saturday 19 January 1833
Newspaper: Staffordshire Advertiser
County: Staffordshire, England
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BIRTK. At Sandwell, OQ Sunday morning last, the Countcs9 of Dartmouth, of daughter. MARRIAGES. On Tuesday week, ..

... Oswald's: and for upwards fifty-seven years Minor Canon Worcester Cathedral. 7. at Hampton, Anne, widow of the late Sir Geo. Yonge. Bart. the loth inst., suddenly, at his residence, Great Portland street, aged 7:1, Joshua Brookes, Esq., F.R.S. FLS. Soc. ...

Published: Saturday 19 January 1833
Newspaper: Leamington Spa Courier
County: Warwickshire, England
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... is the circumstance doy being appointed fur the celebration of her marriage. At Hampton, Anne, widow of the late Sir Geo. Yonge, Bart. . j 'Suddenly, his residence, Great Portland-slreet, London, aged 73, Joshua Brookes, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S. Soc. Cars. ...

Published: Saturday 19 January 1833
Newspaper: Limerick Chronicle
County: Limerick, Republic of Ireland
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... county exlord.—Aged 6b. Vice Admiral Windham.—At Melton Collage, Surrey, Edward aged 115.—At Hampton, Anne,widow of Sir George Yonge, Burl.—At Anna Maria, eldest danghlrr of the late Kc*. I. Coliictl, of Waltham Abbey, Essex.- Aged Portljiid-aireei,Joabua ...


... the 6.lth of his age, Vice- Admiral Windham, nephew t the late St. Hon. William Windham.—At Hampton. Anne, latr sir George Yonge, Bart.—At Milan. Snencer William eldest «n Sir Charles Wolseley, Bart, after a few days' illness only.—At Boulogne-sur.Mer ...

Published: Saturday 19 January 1833
Newspaper: Worcester Herald
County: Worcestershire, England
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London, FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 1833

... Larset Palace, I* Pm. ilioniplton Ilowkey, Esq, or New Collg.Ofrol o ~f he ?? Hampton, Anne, widow -of tire late Sir G~eoge yonge, Hart.-Suddtenly. in Great Port- alandr-street, agsd 713,J. Broo es, Esq. F.R.S. ?? Sec. Cos, Nat. Cue. huiirs. ?? tire 13th ...

Published: Monday 21 January 1833
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
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Sun Dap's Host

... surviving son of the late Rev. Daniel Berguer, Rector of Eversley.^Vilts. — At Hamp- ton, Anne, widow ofthe late Sir George Yonge, Bart. — At Brighton, Sir George Dallas, Bart, of Henrietta - street, Cavendish-square. — At his bouse in Cumberland- street ...

Published: Wednesday 23 January 1833
Newspaper: Bury and Norwich Post
County: Suffolk, England
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Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries

... vears vicar of XWoodnesborotighi and Ch:rt Sulton, in til' countv of Kent.-At I Haniptor, Anne, widowv of tihe late Sir George Yonge, Bart.- Charles Diibdin, Esq., for manvy years author ard manager at seve- ral London Theatres.-Capt. S&aith Cobbs, R.N., eldest ...


... lute MuAuti Uifng, Eetf «/ H'ooii side, t'o-k. At Brighton., Sir Gemge Dl/Ui, Rirt. Hampton. Anne, icidou) let tale Sir Geo. Yonge, A, B-indite, om. Duh in, aged 92. Aigy, relict ol the I, te Ret- lAmiins Gamble At Shibbcteen, Jane, wife of Seat at-, mail ...

Published: Saturday 26 January 1833
Newspaper: Clonmel Herald
County: Tipperary, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 707 | Page: 3, 4 | Tags: none