... of Lisraore-house. was returning from Moneygall, within quarter of a mile ot his house, three men attacked him, two of them armed with pistols, and the third seized his horse by the bridle, they instantly demanded him surrender the money' he had collected ...

reached me:—The celebrated Tom Steele, who has

... for Berwickshire, is about to lead to the hymeneal altar Miss Spottiswoode, second daughter of John bpottiswoode, Esq., the eminent solicitor, in London. John Barham, Esq. of Queen Anne-strcet, who about to be united to Lady Katharine Grimstone, is not ...

Published: Thursday 02 January 1834
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England
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proposed new market

... was committed for trial at the aes-toos. Rorbikg Ship*.—Three hoys, named C hat IGould John k,%u>\ H'm. Smith, were charged with stealing rope from the Henry Grattan, ly ing live d cks. They were committed for trial the session*. It transpired, in the ...

Published: Friday 03 January 1834
Newspaper: Hull Packet
County: Yorkshire, England
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... JOHN BULL. COLBURN’S MODERN NOVELISTS* An erroneoun imprcfsion appearing to exist m to the plan end price of this NEW MONTHLY PUBLICATION, it become to *tate that ite plan differs from that of the Waveriey Novels this respect,—that it gives on the Ist ...

Published: Sunday 05 January 1834
Newspaper: John Bull
County: London, England
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Advertisements & Notices

... Mercisry. . Wilson, Royal Exchange; Darton and Son, Holborn Hill, London: and Haddon, Colclsester. In Svo. with Engravings of the Arms, Part 5, price 7s. 6d. MR. BURKE'S HISTORY of the BRITISH GENTRY, a Companion to the Peerage and Baronetage. The Fith Part ...

Advertisements & Notices

... Buxton, Esq. M.P. John Inse, Esq. William Craweford, Esq. SIP. WillIam Kay, Esq. T1. A. Curtis, Eoq. H. M. Thersetor. Esq. The Rt. lion. G. R. Daweson. Nselvil WVilson. Esq. LIDTxO Hs-Benjamln Cohen, Esq.. Charles Gibbes, Eoq,, John Gurney, Esq. BtAN ...


... bound 2 9 ■ Mr. GRATTAN’S HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS, vole. 12e. bound.. 1 11 J Mr. HORACE SMITH'S BRAMBUETYK HOI Sh, vole. 12e. bound. 111 * Publiehed for H. Colburn, by R. Bentley, andjold all Bookeeliera. In ftvo. with Engravings of the Arms, Pan V. price m/iH ...

Published: Monday 06 January 1834
Newspaper: John Bull
County: London, England
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... been voted to the chair. numbers wer«— for Andrew Stevenson, 142; , *'• Williams, ; Kverett, IS ; John i Richard Coulter, 2 ■, H. Wilde, 2 ; C. •• mercer, John Davis, 1 ; Saotuel A. foot. * i Joseph Vance, 1 ; James C. Polk. 1 ; Blanks. I •« Wallet Franklin ...

Published: Monday 06 January 1834
Newspaper: Hampshire Chronicle
County: Hampshire, England
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... George Pearson, of St. John s college, rector of Castle Camps, in this county, was elected Christian Advocate, on the resignation of the J. A. Jeremfe. Fellow Trinity college. The Uev. Joseph Taylor. 8.D., Fellow of St. John s, college, has been instituted ...

Price Is. 6d. in boards,

... 4.—Arrived the Hetty, Meio, St. John’s, New Brunswick. Several hales of cotton were seen floating on the 10th ult., in lat. 41, long. 4J, the Maria, arrived here. Sunderland Jan. o. St. Petersburgb. Arrived the John Frederick, Guest Waterford, Jan. 4 ...

“ Parents will do well to consult this publication.” Journal. BUTTER’S GRADUAL PRIMER. Fourth Edition. Price 4d ..

... legitimate “ The'Bricklayers’ Arms said that was mere irony; it had been built—ergo, it was building. The White Horse couldn’t draw such conclusion. Southwark and the other bridges should have attended. “ The Bricklavcrs’ Arms suggested, that ! d the Bridges ...

Published: Wednesday 08 January 1834
Newspaper: Morning Advertiser
County: London, England
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1 °f Hie Bank (o m ques. op' 6 as;i g their lr g

... have been contracted for by the aecnts of Donna Maria in this country, which will be immedfatclv armed and manned British sailors. Three vessels are arming at Amsterdam for Don Miguel, manned by Dutch seamen, which will placed under the orders ot Captain ...

Published: Thursday 09 January 1834
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England
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