... Brighton, was thrown from his gig the other day on the Shoreham road, and besides receiv• several severe contusions, had his arm broken. i The King was taking an'airing to Shoiehani at the time, and coming up just as the accident happened. . his Majesty ...


... 11, P. Wallis, Cornlifields, Warwickshire, shopkeeper, at eleven, at the Craven Arms, Hotel, Coventry—Feb. 11, J. Cherry Coventry, painter, at twelve, at the Craven Arms Hotel, Coventry—Feb. 11, 11. Arnett, Fence, Northumberland, agent, at eleven, at ...

Published: Sunday 19 January 1834
Newspaper: The Atlas
County: London, England
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... Parliament—The seven linrooets—Theohatd N oif Tone—The Duke of 1% eilington and the Marquis of Londonderry—Lord Norbery—Hen re GrattanJohn Pbilooteu era it—Queen Caroline—Lord Yelvertou and the Bar— la. edotes of Irish Judges—lrish Fire.eaters—Duriline Extr ...

Published: Sunday 19 January 1834
Newspaper: The Atlas
County: London, England
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... Jan. 14. IT. Henry Ftedeiic, Holy well-street. St. John the Erang-list, Westmiu-ter. surgeon and apothecaiy, Jau. ??, Feb. rf, Coin. Court. Sol. Wit; lit, I'ercy-street. ford street. I'ULLKN, John, Au*tin-lriar«, London, scrivener, Jan. Feb.2s, Com. ...

Published: Monday 20 January 1834
Newspaper: Aris's Birmingham Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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... of Englishmen, was indeed the basis of the late Mr. Grattan's political theory, for his prosecution of which he received 50,000/., and the honours of a tomb in West nin- ster Abbey. But Mr. Grattan carried his sedition farther than .Mr. Barrett has done; ...

Published: Thursday 23 January 1834
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
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... Waist. tom Aow Imo Lab • year. epode it them. pen family, pep it Ism Indira waren (w lamen.) A .an Sigel • yaw, p.y. men. arms to men may Lei. Don this app., to he I ( are Amer) lithe rick pay el tire hew they mirk.% erre thong be 1e MUM • loin mt r ...

Published: Thursday 23 January 1834
Newspaper: Halifax Express
County: Yorkshire, England
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London Posts

... which we give alphabetically, viz.: Anson, Hon. George .Mills, John. Esq. Balson, Stanlake, Esq. t Orford, Earl of Byng, Sir John, Bart. Portland, Duke of Byng, Captain George Payne. John. Esq. Baird, Sir David Pavne. George, Esq. Bentinek. Lord George ...

Published: Saturday 25 January 1834
Newspaper: Leamington Spa Courier
County: Warwickshire, England
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... property out of the way of vermin.— York Herald. Irish Fools.— In the whole neighbourhood of my early life, says Mr. Colly Grattan, there was scarcely a gentleman's house that had not attached to it semi-intelligent, half-witted Oaiadthaun, who was the ...

Published: Saturday 25 January 1834
Newspaper: Hereford Times
County: Herefordshire, England
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for the BENEFIT of the COy^ niCPEN'SARY r in Bishops-court, Lin- ( pißl\C V}*l£ fort he RELIEF ofthe SICK *

... and Bradfute ; for Dublin, John Cumming. Library of Irish Romance.— On the lst of February, with the Magazines, in 3 vols, post Bvo., price only 4s. per vol. bound, originally published at 10s. fid. each, THE CROPPY. By JOHN BAMM, Esq. Forming the February ...

Published: Wednesday 29 January 1834
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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TID GOAT, Lincolnshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN CROSS, At the White Lion Inn in Tid Goat aforesaid,

... Edward Goldsmid, Esq., Deputy Chairman. WUliam Abbott, Esq. John Hodgson, Esq. Richard AUager, Esq. John Neave, Esq. C. Raymond Barker, Esq. William PbiUimore, Esq. Jonathan Birch, Esq. John Poynder, Esq. Jonathan Chapman, Esq. Philip Ripley, Esq. Sir ...

Published: Friday 31 January 1834
Newspaper: Stamford Mercury
County: Lincolnshire, England
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THF, GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S first-rate and superior packets leave the CUSTOM-HOUSE for HAMBURGH, ..

... belonging to the Earl of West m Ol land, and the properties ol Mis. Bel-cy and the Rev. John Ord, on tbe south by the woods and preserves 0( the I nils ot Westmorland and Cardigan, on the cart by lands of Lord Burgheish and others, and on the wc-t by lands ol ...