... The Speaker then put the question, that it may be referred to a Committee of Piivileges. On the question being put, Mr. Grattan rose and said, that he was almost afraid to speak on this matter.—(laughter, cries of hear, hear,'' question, and great ...

Published: Monday 17 February 1834
Newspaper: Sussex Advertiser
County: Sussex, England
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... married Feb. 14, 1786, Charlotte, only daughter of James Cornish, Esq. by whom he has left Hon. Chniles John Shore (now Lord Teignmouth), Hon. Frederick John Shore, assistant the Secretary to the Commissioners the ceded provinces Bengal; and four daughters ...

Published: Saturday 22 February 1834
Newspaper: Berkshire Chronicle
County: Berkshire, England
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... been voted to the chair. numbers wer«— for Andrew Stevenson, 142; , *'• Williams, ; Kverett, IS ; John i Richard Coulter, 2 ■, H. Wilde, 2 ; C. •• mercer, John Davis, 1 ; Saotuel A. foot. * i Joseph Vance, 1 ; James C. Polk. 1 ; Blanks. I •« Wallet Franklin ...

Published: Monday 06 January 1834
Newspaper: Hampshire Chronicle
County: Hampshire, England
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GBAVESEXD. On Tbunday last, Mr. Beaumont, surgeon of was passing tlitough King-street, in bis gig, eroo./j *>. ..

... special licence, Tkoaas to. Laid Daliell. eldest ton the Earl Cainwalh, Maryaaar rrh!t the late John Blachfoid, Esq., and eldest daashlerofthe late ROtiu Henry Grattan. Sept. IS, at 81. church, Canterbury, Mr. H. G Thoraloa j Raurssate, to Mary Jane, youusest ...

Published: Tuesday 23 September 1834
Newspaper: South Eastern Gazette
County: Kent, England
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... even among some of u onnell's own friends. However, the scheme was taken and the design was to raise 50,0001., the sum that Grattan Il i , from the Irish Parliament, for the purchase of an estate requital for his Catholic Association services, not as a l' ...


... MISCELLANEOUS. Mr. John Crawford, of Wilton-crescent, Belgrave-square, has addressed a letter to the electors of Marylebone, soliciting their suffrages in the event of a vacancy in the representation of that borough. The writ for the election of a Member ...

Published: Saturday 18 January 1834
Newspaper: Windsor and Eton Express
County: Berkshire, England
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... putting such questions. Mr. O’Connell ma,t spoil the Noble to answer his Hon. and Learned Friend beside him (Mr. Shiel). Mr. H. Grattan said, if the Honourable and Learned Gettlem did not toUow the question, •0«ld I* duty give notice that as there was in opioiou ...

Published: Saturday 08 February 1834
Newspaper: Bucks Gazette
County: Buckinghamshire, England
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in the Douro and the Ti

... the poor—(Hear, hear); by Major FANCOURT, for the 18th of March, for leave to bring in a bill for abolishing flogging in the arm} (Hear, hear) ; by Mr. A. JOHNSON, for the 18th of February, to bring in a bill to improve small church livings in Scotland; ...


... daughter of the late john toil Esq. of Canterbury. too, 15. the Rev. Edw. Dix, M. A. Rector of TrurOt and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of St. Alban's, 10 daughter of the late Rev. Joshua Dix, R. D. vicar of, Sept. 1.5, at Dover, Mr. John Rowland, of Whitecn ...


... eoenplijnce with requisition signed bjr Mr. H. Grattan, Mr. Maurice O’Connell, Mr. Crawford, four other Magistrate!, And ISO freeholder.. . . . , . , Patrick was apprehended few days slnee, for the murder of John Martin. This murder wni perpetrated nine ...

Published: Thursday 10 April 1834
Newspaper: Brighton Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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UOttDotl,.WEDNESDAY, June 18, 1834

... in the hotel, his arms might therefore surely b tilowed to remain also. Latterly, however, the treatmen jffered to Count Curoli lias exhausted the patience of th Government. Remonstrances and protests against the re raoval of the arms were heard , but ...

Published: Saturday 21 June 1834
Newspaper: Hampshire Advertiser
County: Hampshire, England
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