... walking-stick of Harry V. It is a terrible-looking instrument, six or seven feet in length, remarkably thick and heavy, and armed the end with a cluster of angular iron knobs and a spear-like point. Henry bad this formidable weapon his possession when he ...

Published: Saturday 18 January 1834
Newspaper: Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
County: Devon, England
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... Thursday, March (J, Carmarthen. Pembrokeshire: Thursday March 13, at Haverford west. Cardiganshire: Wednesday, March 19, Cardigan.—Brecknockshire: Saturday, Mar. h22,at Brecon. Radnorshire: Wednesday, March 2ft,at Cheshire: Saturday, March 29. at Chester ...

Published: Monday 17 February 1834
Newspaper: Sherborne Mercury
County: Dorset, England
Type: Article | Words: 3346 | Page: 3 | Tags: none

LIST OF THE MINORITY 184, Tellers included, who voted for Mr. D, \V. Harvey’s Motion, that belect Committee be ..

... D. Johnston, A. Barron, H. W. Bel tew, R. 51. Blake, M. Chapman. M. L. Evans. 6. Finn, W. F. Fitzgerald, T. Fitzsimon, C. Grattan, H. LOTTERIES. Pringle, R. Sharpe. Gen. Sinclair, O. Wallace, It. In our last we inserted a brief notice of these sources ...

Published: Thursday 27 February 1834
Newspaper: North Devon Journal
County: Devon, England
Type: Article | Words: 4589 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... Bellew, and Mr. Sheil, and supported by Mr. Shaw, Mr. Benett, Mr. Lambert, Lord John Hussell, Sir R. Inglis, Mr. Christmas, cVc. Amendments were moved by Mr. H. Grattan, and Mr. O'Dwyer. The first was negatived by to 42 ; the second by 190 to 66. Mr ...


... Lovesey, wheelwright, Mrs. Taylor, the Norfolk Arms, both ot this city. On the 20th nit. at Cbiircham, in IMsconnty. Mr. John Moss, to Miss Mansell, both ot this city. At Chosen, In this county, Mr. John Wilks, of this city, pinner, to Miss C. Valieuder ...

Published: Saturday 01 March 1834
Newspaper: Gloucestershire Chronicle
County: Gloucestershire, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 2090 | Page: 3 | Tags: none

eater ragejjeCN

... builder, thereof to Mr. Stephek ,i”uaUer,’the Exe’. or Sir. John , , .i. Estate are requested to cutorst « ...

Published: Thursday 13 March 1834
Newspaper: Dorset County Chronicle
County: Dorset, England
Type: Article | Words: 1911 | Page: 1 | Tags: none

Arrived Gloucester Docks since our last. •BmL From Rustringersieh : the Anna Margaretta, Brumround, with 32 ..

... maltster John Jones. Ptnllwyn Mill. Monmouthshire, miller and shopkeeper Matthias March, the elder, Gosport, wine and spirit luercliant Daniel Good. Surrey Canal Ba«in, Albany road. Camberwell, timber, •too#, and brick merchant INSOLVENTS. John Metivier ...

Published: Thursday 03 April 1834
Newspaper: Cheltenham Chronicle
County: Gloucestershire, England
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... which has been for some time so wickedly excited, must be put down ; there can be no compromise ; it must be put down by strong arm, or else the government and the prosririty of both countries will be entirely destroyed. (Cheers.) trust, therefore, my lords ...

VYVVAN PLACE. TO BE LBtT and entered on at Midsum- mer next, a GENTEEL /Family Residence. NoHToccHpied by R. ..

... Book thereof. 16, King's Arms Yard* London, June 21, 1834. m / PLYMOUTH NirW GRAMtniAR SCHOOL. Head Master. R. NELSON BARNES, M.A. Of Pembroke College. Cambridge. Assistant Masters. WILLIAM S.O. DUSAUTOY,B.A. Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge. *• ...

Wednesday & Thursday's Posts

... nesday, were the following:-Mr. Neeld, on' appointment as Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Wilts, by Lord Northwick; Mr. John Neeld, on appointment to the Gloucestershire Yeomanry, by the Marquis of Worcester; Mr. Sergeant Ludlow, on taking rank by ...

Published: Saturday 28 June 1834
Newspaper: Bristol Mercury
County: Bristol, England
Type: Article | Words: 2654 | Page: 2 | Tags: News 

CORNWALL. iiE county of Ho, ' ses Power,-B- JJ \ Sflßßßßfei Commander, is intended to pe^'° the following times ..

... voyages 12 to 1* hours, weather permitting, the communication between Bristol and T, «co, Austle, Launceston, Falmouth, .ye., Cardigan, Aberystwitht Lampeter, Llandilo, $c. ylX** All Goods, Parcels, &c. should be addressed to HENRY » Grove Avenue, Queen Square ...

Published: Saturday 28 June 1834
Newspaper: Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
County: Devon, England
Type: Advertisement | Words: 1915 | Page: 4 | Tags: none

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... of the Premisesapplyto Mr. JOHN I HILLIPS, n. Solicitor, Bank Court, Bristol; and for further particulars to Mr. d P. E. COATES, Solicitor, Stanton Drew, near Bristol, or to to Messrs. BUSH and PRIDEAUX, Solicitors, St. John-Street, Bitol. ROYAL SCENTED ...