... held in the Inghamite chapel, Duko-stroet, when addresses were delivered by Messrs. Thos. Morgan, Edward Parsons, John Kershaw, and John Andrew, jun. The evils of intemperance,, and the benefits and felicity of sobriety, were strongly impressed upon the ...

Published: Thursday 04 September 1834
Newspaper: Bradford Observer
County: Yorkshire, England
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... Fidler; and sister of Mr. John Brier, hair-dresser, Boll.green, Halifax. I the 12th ult., at her lather's house, in Liverpool, Mrs. Maria Foster, wife Mr. William Foster, formerly them-Icy, near Halifax; and only daughter of Mr. John Holroyd, of the Fox Inn ...

Published: Thursday 04 September 1834
Newspaper: Halifax Express
County: Yorkshire, England
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GROCERS AND OTHKKS. TO be LET for a term of years, an old established SHOP and PREMISES, where the Grocery

... Marlborough. N.B. None of the Ewes will be put to the Rams previous to the Sale. Wines of First-rate Quality, Belonging to the lute JOHN O'BYRNE, esq., And will be delivered from the Cellars of his late residence, Pulteney-street, Bath ; Also of a Gentleman, lately ...

Published: Thursday 04 September 1834
Newspaper: Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette
County: Wiltshire, England
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... the neighbouring towns, ve STRAMI CoMM9UN'ATION BS TWEEN NORTH AND ?? )HALES. The Cardigan Bay Steam Navigation Company's Vessel VALE OF CLWYD, Of 60-horsepower, 's JoHN HUGea s, Co dander; Hag commenced piying ?? the Sumrmer Season, between P. LLHELI ...

County Constitui\tv vu. . . , , one third ofthe lists returned by the overseers ZT?' , the whole of

... llhps; enry solicitor; Edward Waters, do.; Thos. Waters, feq., do!; John Brewer, Eaq., do.; James €es Gough> Fdwjn Gri mhs, Esq., do.; W. r. Sniiu,, Esq.. do.; J. S. Kingdon, Esq., do.; John Jones, E aerleon ; Edward Jones, Esq., do.; W Jones, Esq., do.; ...

Published: Saturday 06 September 1834
Newspaper: Hereford Times
County: Herefordshire, England
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... Ar;Partlng. ton, on SatUirday, thle 4th ,if Otirtoler, at I'selvc o'clock . n CH-EMIS''TRY. Port I. Inorganic Cheriastry, by John Davies. H W S 'Mleniber of thre Council of the Licteray and Philosophiical Society, dir. dec. -aP Ii. organic Chemistry, by ...


... further examination. From the evidence, it appeared that on the morning of Monday week the prisoner entered the shop of Mr. John Frederick Cllitz, a Norwegian, who keeps a haberdasher's shop in Broad-street, Kjiti liffv, and purchased some articles to ...

Published: Monday 15 September 1834
Newspaper: Bell's Weekly Messenger
County: London, England
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... HIGH-WAYS AKD BY-WAYi. Lr,„ „ In Three Volumes, post Bvo., ?? EGENDS OF THE RHINE AND THE LOW COUNTRIES. T.i- B ?? T. C. GRATTAN. Esq. XvX.ioh , cons tmcted on the picturesque traditions of Flanders, their i. a Jf e quite unknown in this country, bnt ...


... LIVERPOOL, R. HEPBURN, on |lX i lal'. u, ?? ,>i „t Ten in the Morning. For further sl Nl ' !> J«t 'the Company's Offices, No. 16, John- jjlonw* B LL|'friars : No. 3% Regents-c ircus, Picca- ...

Published: Tuesday 16 September 1834
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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... Bred•ord. Rector and Chaplain the King. Lord I>* zHl. «on the Earl t« Mary Anne widow of John Blacliford, Raq., of AUadore, and daughter of the late Right Hon. Henry Grattan. . DIED.—On Monday la»l, a«e*l 60, the Infirmary a - Inched to our Workhouse, Haniett ...

Published: Thursday 18 September 1834
Newspaper: Brighton Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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... binny of th Memss a rd Gioahd. from the 19th dayeof August last. DAVID. JONES. !,co.fufliang lNA, ST. AS APH,. ?? JOHN OWVEN, MOSTYN 'Arms~sA-bf St. Asaph. e . biegitos to announce toronsmri.tenn an ites a-vstn S>°the Prinipliy, thatui he-AM~ tt LLd upthrao ...


... daughter of the late john toil Esq. of Canterbury. too, 15. the Rev. Edw. Dix, M. A. Rector of TrurOt and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of St. Alban's, 10 daughter of the late Rev. Joshua Dix, R. D. vicar of, Sept. 1.5, at Dover, Mr. John Rowland, of Whitecn ...