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1 November 1834 (2)


Ipswich Journal, The



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The Ipswich Journal

IPSWICH, Saturday, November 1, 1834

... sioners of Southwold Harbour acting tinder the Act of Parliament, who have been long unremitting in their en- deavours to improve the entrance to the port, and to remedy the defective state of the river Blytb between the mouth of the harbour and Blackehore ...

Published: Saturday 01 November 1834
Newspaper: The Ipswich Journal
County: Suffolk, England
Type: Article | Words: 7472 | Page: 2, 3 | Tags: News 

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... Eye, .liss, and seoile .sseI c dblies. N HE FIRST HIALL is fixed for Friday, the l4th of T November, 1834, at the White Lion Inn, Eye. STEWARDS DMajor-Gen. Sir E. KFURItSON, Barit., Al. P., And JOHN AY'ION, Esq. R Mueller's Bonid will attend. A LADY who ...