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Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser



Lancashire, England



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Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser

THE MANCHESTER COURIER. SATURDAY, MAY 28, 1836. Spain The ministry Mendizabal has been dissolved, and a new one ..

... rs in the work of agitation. On Tuesday, the 17th, a select party of the tail, amongst whom were Mr. Shiel and Mr. H. Grattan held a meeting in Dublin, no doubt by the directions of their chief, consider the most effectual means of giving expression ...


... William, Gertrude, Dutch John, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, forester Bellhouse Mrs. John, a Scotch dress Bennett edward, in a Spanish «uit Bennett John, as the FJarl of Essex Bennett John, in a Spanish suit Bennett John, as a Corsair ...

Imperial Parliament

... with danger to the state. Mr. Gisborne supported the motion of the noble lord the secretary for the home department. Mr. H. Grattan considered that the amendments proposed the House of Lords were intended as a direct insult to the people of Ireland. He, ...

»lllC»tOi., j TR. CAPES he?s announce that the whole -LV-L the PROPERTY which ho, in former advertiseter and ..

... superficial square yards thereabouts, with Six Cottages Dwelling-houses thereon, (cellared under) fronting the occupation of John Peaand others, five which front .Monday street aforesaid, and the other five whereof front Tuesday-street. Lot 4. A Plot of ...