... ministers arrived in Windsor till the following day.)—John Bull. THE MARQUIS OF LONDONDERRY AND MR. HENRY GRATTAN, M. P. : DUEL.—In consequence of a correspondence that took place between Mr. Grattan and the Marquis of Londonderry, respecting expressions ...


... William Ewart Wigan 6 John Fielder* .01dham.. 7 Charles A*hton William Turner Blackhurc.. Richard Walker Bury. Peter Ainsworth 11 Kir P. H. Fleetwood.. John Wilson Patten 13 Lord Stanley Tnum** 15 Ireland a-kburoe John Fenton 122 ll9 94 ...

Published: Saturday 14 September 1839
Newspaper: Bolton Chronicle
County: Lancashire, England
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General Intelligence

... placed at the usual distance, and on the sig na i be ing Lord Londonderry received Mr. Grattan's fire, and then fired in the air. Mr. Bodkin, M. P., on the par t of Mr Grattan, then expressed himself perfectly satisfied' and the affair terminated. A Woman Killed ...

Imperial Parliament

... sasssing In the attaclinof ahouse, for aburgtary 'vhal at common law, for Whitebeyfamn, for conspiracy to car ry arms, I tl Lent for armed, said forwearlagad nuse, under the Whitc- £il~ )rdbeysTctaringsho~rt, that the same man, for one offence, was' i-unre ...

Published: Friday 19 April 1839
Newspaper: Liverpool Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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... Mr. Cavendish, the liberal candidate. It strongly rumoured that Sir John Campbell insist# upon being appointed the new judge in room the late Vaughan.—o'laaderd.—Of coarse Sir John wants to make all right and straight. It is an instance of Scotch caution ...

Published: Tuesday 22 October 1839
Newspaper: Liverpool Mail
County: Lancashire, England
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tIVIIPOOI d> « itm***. ' i» «rr - »»• f»i KM* ««frii*, iiSXttTfi'offi'ofl remits o» . ».m» «.«J .lfortljn. —On

... bales order SaiahTctl. Halifax) J Ketrfaua. ftom John. N.B SCO pieces p«»e and » pieces birch timber CMS deals i cords lathwoed staves 186 oars order—Bmnawick Dock The Cakwtta, ('.«B) J M* kionell, from John, with K« pine ami 140 peas bitch Umber »*“ drab ...


... cals in the House of Comm ons on L or d John sell's motion. Mr. Grote strongly insists o f necessity of according to the ministry the the radicals, and offers as an inducement to this the probability that Lord John R usse ll may principle of finality. The ...


... Majesty’s Customs, Liverpool, aged 67. the 15th inst., John Henry, infant son, and on the IGtb, in the 2711 i year of her age, Sarah, wife of John Jesse, Esq., of Ardwick. Same day, Hugh, infant son of John A. Beaver, Esq., of Chorltoo Abbey. Same day, at his ...

Published: Wednesday 24 April 1839
Newspaper: Blackburn Standard
County: Lancashire, England
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UNIVERSAL PENNY POSTAGE. THE POLYTECHNIC JOURNAL the lst of November will contain jti iSamin/tion of tho ..

... London. MR. COLBURN has just published the following NEW WORKS: ' I 1. The Life and Times of the RighMjflU. Henry Grattan, by his Son, Henry Grattan, yds. Uvo., with 1 portrait, dec.,2Bs.bound. _ ; 2. The Romance of Private 3 vols> •' 'itself alone,' the lWfiuc ...

Imperial Parliament

... March 15. Several petitions against the repeal of the corn laws were presented. In answer to a question by Mr. M. Philips, Lord John Rus3Ell said that, if possible, he would proceed with the Factory Bill before Easter. THE BOUNDARY QUESTION. In answer to questions ...


... LORD LONDONDERRY. (From the John Bull. The week before List the following appeal addressed to the Marquess of Londonderry by the Reverend and respectable gentlemen whose signatures it bears, was published the Durham Advertiser : To the Most Hon. ...

Imperial Parliament

... the United States in pre ithe matter, but at the same time he must regret to see American noi . subjects coming armed into our territory,-armed and provided to too with cannon taken from the United States and belonging to dcc the United States. (Hear, hear ...

Published: Friday 08 February 1839
Newspaper: Liverpool Mercury
County: Lancashire, England
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