, wi'vl'. I'Kl BM'-bo, anil tne Kill-NT. i*->ea ' V N ' ?? hours oulv . from Blackwall Pier.—

... Han. Edwin Lascelles, M.P. John Hawkins, Esq. Charles Wood, ?? M.P. John Hodgson, Esq. George Hudson, Esq.. M.P. Robert Hutchinson, Esq. .Matthew T. Haines, Esq., Q.C. William Lavvson, Ksq. 1 homas Sidney, Ksq., Alderman John William Tottie, Esq. Edward ...

Published: Monday 20 April 1846
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
Type: Advertisement | Words: 22783 | Page: 1, 8 | Tags: Classifieds 

SSiJJ to INVERNESS and all PORTS in J^SON fw F,^TH.-The QUEEN of SCOTLAND. JAMES W,I l eSD\ V 0n) mander,

... published YESTERDAY. John Murray, Albemarle-street. This Day, with Plates, Bvo., 3s. ?? I'art VI.. of the JOURNAL of the ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY of ENGLAND. N tents: — The past and present State of Agriculture in Northumberland. BT John Grey, of DiKton ...

S T JAM to MA KG ATE and HERNE I^n*riav ) J RE * JT ' ** 11 o'clock precisely,

... No. 10J, King's Arms-yard, Coleman -street. May be viewed three days prior to the Sale (the first tw» days by a written order only), and Catalogues may be had on the sth of June on the Premi-es In Brunswlcjt-seuare, and in King's Arms-yard, Col-man-street; ...

PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION COM- PANY.—steam to the PACIFIC, touching at RIO to Jand passengers The Company's ..

... Was proposed by Henry Grattan, Esq., M.P.; and seconded by M.E. Coi bally. Ksq., M.P., and uuanimou-ly resolved :— That the foregoing resolutions be advertised. ?? R. GROSVENOR, Chairman. v ihe Chairman having left the chair, and John Jervis, Esq., ?? having ...

Ituntto Asylum. •x-.r»KCY having occurred in the MEDI- . r DEPARTMENT of this Institution, I CJJ* { * olD n,ittce

... Esq. Win. Fechney CWk.Esq. | Ales. Robert Irvine, Esq. John Brigbtman. Eaq. | Peter Morris >n, Esq. George Cohen, E*q. I Wm. Shand, Jun. Esq. -. Mi His Coventry, Esq* *j Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. John Drewett, Esq. | Thomas Teed. Esq. Medical Officers. Wm ...

Published: Friday 04 September 1840
Newspaper: Royal Cornwall Gazette
County: Cornwall, England
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, „ BOMBAY, CEYLON. MADRAS, .iF^M 1 itHIN -—PLANS of all STEAMERS :i y ' ?? , w had „

... Le imington and 4, Hyde Park-place. With power to add to their numbers.; • IINStLTING ENGINEERS. Robert Stephenson, Esq. Sir John M'Neill. ACTING BNCINEKB. S. C. line-. Esq.. Civil Eugir.eer, ('ray's Inn-square. SURVEYORS. Messrs. George Burbridge and Co ...

Published: Saturday 12 December 1846
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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... OURGESS'S NEW SAUCE for GENERAL aP PURPOSES having gained such great approbation, ami the demand for lt continuing te increase, JOHN BURGESS and SON beg most respectfully to offer thustheir best acknow- ledgments to the publicfor their liberal patronage of ...

INDIA and CHINA, via Egypt.— -mi -^ Hv Mail steam conveyance) for Passengers and W Rf ?? u Ur ??

... Fuller, F.sq , M.P 5 0 0 Edgar Garland, Esq., Michaelston, Essex.. 50 0 0 John Gilir.ore, Esq., Ilford 5 0 0 Sir John Gladstone, Bart. 21 0 0 Howel Gwyn, Esq., M.P 40 0 0 i Sir John Hall, Bart., of Duuglass 10 10 0 T. P. llalsev, Esq., M.P 5 0 0 Joseph Hayaon ...

Published: Monday 17 September 1849
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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STEAM to MARGATE and HERNE BAY. direct, DAILY, at Nineo'Clock precisely (Sundays included), | M* the CITY of ..

... Presidents. John Ralph Ormsby Gore, Esq., M.P. Oeorge Hicknell, Esq. Arthur Helps, Esq. Col. h. D. Campbell (reaident) Richard Langslow, Esq. Charles Forties, Kr_. James Mackillop, Esq. John Fraser, Ksq. Josh. Philllmore, Esq , D.C.L. John Hamilton, I ...


... Wiiilan. • l Joseph Janson, Esq. Thomas Castle, ' Samuel H. Lucas. Ksq. James i roll e'has. Lush ngton, Esq. M.P. John Felthan ., K. q. John St. Barbe, Esq. Jo_eph Hargrave, Eaq. Richard Shortridge, Esq. Samuel Smith, Esq. Medic ai. Directors. J. T. Conque ...

:*f |4 NTWERP (within 20 hours), BRUSSELS, Br*-! the RHINE The ANTWERP COMPANY'S power- Steam-ship PRINCESS ..

... cipals, to John James Coward, Esq., Lunsdowne Crescent, Bath. SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS IS READY TO BE ADVANCED on approved Mortgage for a certain term of years, at the rate of Three per Cent. Apply by letter, prepaid, and alone from Principals, to John James ...

ttP, BRUSSELS, and the RH I NE. ITWT.RP COMPANY'S powerful and splendid HOMAS JACKSON, Com- nt accommodation. ..

... A PLOT of BUILDING GROUND near the Station at the Dal tmouth Arms, on the load to Lewisham. Lot 10. A Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE contiguous to the preceding Lot, and near the. Dartmouth Arms, belted by the I Canal, and having a irontiige entrance from the ...