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« This day. with many Illustrations, price 4.v. M., Recreations in astronomy. By the Rev. LEWIS TOMLINsON, AI.A ..

... Preliminary Discourse the Nature and Advantages the Science, and Copious Glossary Geological Terms. By ROSINA iVI.ZORNLIN. London : John W. Parker, West Strand. 13585 Just published, size 3 feet 6 inches 2 feet It, price• in sheet, lbs. ; in case, beautifully ...

Published: Monday 03 February 1840
Newspaper: Salisbury and Winchester Journal
County: Wiltshire, England
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... Cornfield Haddou, LL.15., of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the Perpetual Curacy of Tunstall year), in the gift the Bishop Norwich The Rev. George Thomas Turner, M. A., the Rectory of Suffolk ('2!!0/. a year).—The Rev. John Owen Parr, M. A., of I'aseiiose ...


... A motion for the commitment of Thos. Howard, jun., to the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms was then carried majority of 41. the course of the discussion. Lord John Russell said that he was favourable to declaratory Pill, and that if he saw fair chance ...


... blank, half-past four Lord Cardigan determined to turn otrt stag, which afforded so spkndid and long run, that it was long after dark ere the sportsmen returned home. The Prince hunted three days during his visit to Lord Cardigan. Among the Debutantes this ...

NITRATE SODA AS MANURE. Ike Editor of the Mark Lane Express. Sir,—l believe the first individual who used the ..

... wooer. The loving couple are now at Liverpool spending the honeymoon.—Doncaster Chronicle. The Earl of Cardigan.—ln consequence of the Earl o( Cardigan having ascertained that ccrtain letters published recently in the MorningChronicle,reflecting, as his ...

Published: Thursday 17 September 1840
Newspaper: Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette
County: Wiltshire, England
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Sir Henry Harford was never known to refuse to visit patient, however poor and despised the patient might be. On

... whatever be the difference in the mental power of individuals, is the cultivation of the mind alone that leads to distinction. John Hunter was as remarkable for his industry as for his talents, of which his museum alone forms a most extraordinary proof; and ...

Published: Thursday 24 September 1840
Newspaper: Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette
County: Wiltshire, England
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... Thursday last. It stated, that no less than sixteen officers have left the 11th Prince Albert's Hussars since the Karl of Cardigan's connexion with the corps—a convincing proof of the popularity of the commanding officer. The Society for the Propagation ...


... THE CARDIGAN COURT-MARTIAL. In bis defence, Cant. Richard Anthony Reynolds laid the main stress the manner in which Lord Cardigan had treated his first letter, and the necessity inquiry into the previous insulting treatment had experienced f'roni his ...


... the Perpetual! 'uracy «f Cornwall ifiO/. year.)— The Kev. John I helsen, ,\l. A., College, to the Vicarage Skendlehy, Lincolnshire (I Ml. a year), vacant hy the lesignation i»f the fpv. John I)iingl:is Giles, A., of* Corpus Christi College, who is presented ...


... but pleasant in the ears of the irritable commanding officer. Gentlemen are asked thev will drink their wine out of the Cardigan. The term black bottle will soon obsolete. Westminster Abbey.—On Wednesday, rich treat was afforded in the morning and afternoon ...


... comprise the writings of PorcupinflT and the Weekly Political Register (from 1794 to -with Notes Historical and Explanatory by JOHN M. COBBETT and JAMES P. COBBETT, six vols., Bvo., with a complete Analytical index to the whole. The index to this work gives ...

Published: Thursday 07 January 1841
Newspaper: Wiltshire Independent
County: Wiltshire, England
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