... the barman to turn the defendant out. The barmau went round, upon which the defendant made stab him, and wounded him in the arm. It was at tiret thought that the wound had been inti.cted with a knife, but afterwards it was conjectured it bad been done ...

Published: Monday 02 January 1843
Newspaper: The Evening Chronicle
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 4022 | Page: 4 | Tags: none

ALZZANDEIL NURSERY and SEEDS:VA:6', CIRENCESTER, pEGS leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Publ: general, ..

... lumolesex, kneed victualler 25. John Coots, St. John's street. MitLilesex, liceneed alter SO. Augustus Lines, of mitigate whorl, hay saiesioan 25. Drury (ticket, of Deur) street, Pontvole, denier in beer *U. John Span kilt, Of berOlult.e) road, Sarre) ...


... IN JOHN KNOWLES. This insolvent was unopposed. It appeared from the examination by the learned Chief Commissioner, that the insolvent had been weaver, and was on the eve of starting for America to avoid his creditors, when be was arrested on capiat issued ...

Published: Monday 02 January 1843
Newspaper: Evening Mail
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 6001 | Page: 3 | Tags: none

EDUCATION. SUTTON COLDFIELD. MR. MEABY respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his SCHOOL will be ..

... Warwick Road. rpHE REV. J. JONES, B.A. of St. John's College, X Cambridge, and Curate of Yardlev, receives a limited number of YOUNG GENTLEMEN as Boarders. TERMS. Boys under 10 years of age 35 guineas per arm. Boys above 10 years of age 40 ditto. No extras ...

Published: Monday 02 January 1843
Newspaper: Aris's Birmingham Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
Type: Advertisement | Words: 352 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... Phenomenon .This diminutive and incomparable little Animal is the pure breed from the Stock in the ROYAL STUD STABLES of the King Arm, and exceeds in beauty and form anything within the limits Imagination to describe. Doors open at Seven o’Cloc meoce Eight precisely ...


... speeches of the Protestant Henry Grattan, tho pamphlets of the Pro. tesiant Wolfo Tone and Todd Jones, amongst the most • IT-nTve of the •* moral forces” which l't*‘'- the bill ol '.13 lam . f 'he fact, though 1 d.. not forget John Keogh, and k. and IT.n-, and ...

not wet whistle. was therefore to . «. u:.. Come come. Sir Chapman, ■ •** .Tv® 1 . «nd make

... Tl.e inh.bilanta will thus alienated hf , the worst passion, the human heart tom England. Thev will cast themselves into the arms of Mn serT i ,. all the most depraved m, .me foreign power; or. perhaps, erect themselves into . . the human *„,/ ha, tortured ...

Published: Wednesday 04 January 1843
Newspaper: Dublin Monitor
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 6645 | Page: 4 | Tags: none

With aach state of things so pr«Uxt is sartty b*o«. | sss7 miss Ills shoat offshsUlon. WhstoTsr msj the opinions

... been indicted for forging will, which was set out in the Indictment thus: •I, John Stylee, &0., and was acquitted for variance ; tha will given in evidence commencing “John Styles,” without the I;” waaheld that he could net plead this acquittal in bar ...

Published: Wednesday 04 January 1843
Newspaper: Evening Mail
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 1410 | Page: 1 | Tags: none


... integrity. hat that it is libellous, and might involve us in litigation.—Perckel. , In the Insolvent Court, Dublin, on Saturday, John Bytues of Limerick, chandler. was ommsed by Mr. i Seymour. but the Court ordered his discharge. FEMALE EDUCATION. ' 4 ) Jiffs ...

Published: Wednesday 04 January 1843
Newspaper: Limerick Chronicle
County: Limerick, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 5220 | Page: 2 | Tags: none

■■■■Ml]pi ,' ■***• - •■ J ■■ ■-■ •»■. ■' •*-- ■• ' -'V , -.- BRIGHTON GAZETTE. IMPORTANT SALE

... 11. Gear, Mr John Parry, and Signor Ferrari Rottini Song - Handel Gear. Duet CoMeerlante I’.anoforte and Violin, Mr Honell and Mr W. Cramer />«• Rerht and Her: Song “Go, Gentle 1'.0v,” Signor Ferrari (written expressly for him) Grattan Cooke Aria--I‘rendi ...

Published: Thursday 05 January 1843
Newspaper: Brighton Gazette
County: Sussex, England
Type: Article | Words: 5332 | Page: 2 | Tags: none


... forming and organizing Farming Society, in that town and neighbourhood. John M'Ncilo, Esq., of Parkmount, was called to the Chair. A Committee was then named. Davison, Esq., Knuckboy, and John Dickey, Ksq., Leghinmore, were appointed Juint-Secretaries; and Young ...

Published: Thursday 05 January 1843
Newspaper: Northern Whig
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 7694 | Page: 2, 3 | Tags: none

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... ?? ?? 1 0 . th, John Dunphy, Esq., Callan ?? ?? I 0 0 ns William Williams, Esq. ?? .. i 0 0 ThomasL. Kelly, Esq. I. ?? I 0 0 we Richard Kelly, Esq. ?? ?? I 0 0 Es Robert Brennan, Esq. ?? I ) 0 Ri Thomas Hutton, Esq. ?? ?? I 0 0 John Donnegan, Esq. ? ...