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•nlsorts. ARBROATH. Armed [April front Friendship .Stirling, Newcastle Catharine, Simmers, Industry, Anderson ..

... •nlsorts. ARBROATH. Armed [April front Friendship .Stirling, Newcastle Catharine, Simmers, Industry, Anderson [2] do Express, Caithness, London Sovereign,Ferguson, Newcsatl Lncy, I-awson [3] Sunderland Sailed [April 3] /or Hannah, Guild, Perth Vine, Simpson ...

PADBTOW [lB. SE] .... tailtdfor Vbluna, Langford Restigouche Clio, Easthope Quebec .BIDEFORD .. .. armed from ..

... BIDEFORD .. .. armed from 18 Sultana, Heard Riga BRISTOL ri9,NW, 19 British Queen, Clerk St. Petersburg Ann Key, M'Kenzie • d.*' Emily, —. Stettin Venus, Tucker. Rotterdam «* * * * *. •« tatted for 19 Lemuel, Vickefman Africa MILFORD **•••* •** armed from Pe ...

Published: Wednesday 20 August 1845
Newspaper: Lloyd's List
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 282 | Page: 1 | Tags: none


... JOHN BULL diction, u (Muoony «»ch pmcript, he, for on*, would refit much wocto poper. (Chcon.) Mr. Grattan, followinj- up the .abjeef.ohoerTed The English look thre. w.T. of ih. (loud chcort), they hid An. n.-.poper orticl« -o‘m.ngl.hmin.l. Voiieon. (Chert) ...

Published: Saturday 04 January 1845
Newspaper: John Bull
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 3310 | Page: 14, 15 | Tags: none


... THE SALT HILL MURDER-TRIAL OP JOHN TAWELL. AYLESBURY ASSIZES, March 12. Tlie trial of John Tawell, aged 61, and described in the calendar as a merchant charged with the wilful murder of Sarah Hart, at Farnham Royal, thelatof January last, by administering ...

Speedwell. Bunt, Rotterdam Albion. Thain, St John (>» B) Catherine, Grander alparaiso Wind variable and light ..

... advanced period of Elizabeth, Pearne, Flymcnth the year John & Henry, Randle, do BIDEFORD. Lady ofth Lake, Holten, do Arrired [March from 13—Wind N.N.E., mode- Hygeia, Evans, Newport rate, fine. Georgs, Johns, Swansea FALMOLTH. fis-esr’ Florida. Scott, Bristol ...

Hero, Hawkins, Barnstaple Vine, Honey, Harwich Merit. Bull, Newport Temperance, Bellamy, Providence, Knight, do ..

... Troabadour(s) Beckett, Bnstl Eliza, Richards, Aberystwith MatyAnn.Williams, Cardigan WindN.W. MARYPORT. Arrived [June 22] from Mona, Belford. Dumfries Mary Ann, Parkin, Gatehouse John, Osmotherly, „“0 Gipay, Cock ton, Belfast Cottager, Bean, Mary Ann, Bryce ...

Sailed [April 19] for Union. Johns [l9l Eliabcth,Found (UteCartrr), Oli«.b«nch,'fi Plymouth Pro.i.,Griffith., W ..

... SAUNDERSFOOT. Arrived [April 181 from Persevrance,James, Aberdovy John, Roberta, Bristol Sibyl, Wickham [l9l Dublin Ruby, Jones, Cardigan Arbutns. Pounds, London Sailed [April 191 for George, John, Barnstaple —WiodE., light airs,fine. SUNDERLAND. Arrived [April ...


... at the Vestry Hall, St. John's, Horselydown, on the bodies of persons who had lost their lives by drowning in the river Thames. The first case was that of Joshua Davis, aged 23, a seaman on board the brig Acorn, of Cardigan, lying in the upper tier, ...

Published: Sunday 17 August 1845
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 3469 | Page: 8 | Tags: News 


... Clodhopper CaptSutton l7th Hfus)nabmGitana Sir A. Chichester's (7th Hus) Champagne SirW.RusselIs (7thHus) b m Pussy Earl of Cardigan's (11th Hus) br g Patron Capt H Hamilton's (13th L.D.) b g Caterpillar Capt Dickson's (13th L.D) bk g Rifleman Mr Madock's ...

Published: Sunday 16 March 1845
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 5487 | Page: 10 | Tags: Sports and Games 


... authority in the land declared it so (hear, hear). We were sur- rounded by armed police; what little occasion for them! (hear, and a laugh) — and if there was any occasion, their arms would have been very small protection to them (hear, hear). I say that ...

Published: Monday 02 June 1845
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 6306 | Page: 2, 3 | Tags: none

INDIA ROYAL MAIL STEAM- -1, t' 1 . j ?? \\VS -HIPS leave Southampton on the Month lor MADEIRA and

... Gisborne, Esq., Derby John Gaunt, Banker, Leek John Challenor, Esq., Overton Richard Cutting, Gentleman, Leek Josiah Gaunt, sen.-) Hugh Sleigh, I LiUey Ellis, John Russell, ! „.„ „ Samuel Clowes, f bllk Manufacturers, Leek Thomas Carr, John Ward, James Ridout ...

Published: Thursday 11 September 1845
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
Type: Advertisement | Words: 20256 | Page: 1, 2, 4 | Tags: Classifieds