E& BOS,, 'ON, U.S., calling at HALIFAX Im l \ ouV. l ?? Mails and Passengers— The BRI- Pl Willi

... Bridgnorth, Carpet Manufacturer. John Hincksman, Esq., Charlcott, Bridgnorth. ' John Phillips, Esq.. Bridgnorth. i John Dallewy, Esq., Bridgnorth. Thomas Deighton, Esq., Bridgnorth. William Wiley, Esq., Vineyard, near Wellington. John Stevens, Esq., Albyns, Magistrate ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
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Foreign and colonial News

... faith are these:—Rev. J. H. Newman, 8.D., Fellow of Oriel College; Albany Christie, M.A., Fellow of Oriel College; Rev. A St John, M.A., Student of Christ Church; Rev. It. Stanton, M.A., Brasenose College; Rev. F. S. Bowles M.A., Exeter College; J. D. Dalgairns ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: Hereford Journal
County: Herefordshire, England
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... Esq. Lightoaks, near Stone. Staffordshire John who line, E»q. Brunswick-house, Huddersfield Benjamin Walker, Esq. Mytholmroyd John Holdaworth, Esq. Shaw-lodge, Halifax John Dyson, Esq. Brian Royd, Greetland John Stott, Esq. Oreetland Wm. Wilkinson, Esq ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: Globe
County: London, England
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TESTIMONIAL TO CONGREAYE SELWYN, Esq., M.D-THE Friends to the above are informed that Subscription List will ..

... COMMITTEE. John Francis Vaughan, Esq., Courtfield, near * ' Henry Morgan Clifford, Woodfields, near Ross. Charles Burmester, Esq., Weston Lodge, near R * ' Captain Cuppage, R.N. Wilton Villa, near Ross. Henry Burgum, Esq., Bickerton Court, near John Brown ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: Hereford Journal
County: Herefordshire, England
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... Hard wicke, Earl Camden, Grattan, Wamn Hastings. Speaker Onslow. John Wickliffe, John Knox, Cranuier, Arch hivhop Usher, Archbishop Leighton, Jeremy Taylor. Chillingworth. Barrow, Bisltop Butler. John Wesley. John Talbot, Sir ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: Bury and Norwich Post
County: Suffolk, England
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... fallowing changes of R. C. curates has taken place in in the diocesss cf Ossory :—The Rev. John Delahunty from Urlingford to Tullaroan ; Rev. Bernard Scott succeeds Rev. John Delahunty atUrlingford; Rev. James Aylward from TullarOan to 13allyragget ; Rev. Edgard ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: Limerick Chronicle
County: Limerick, Republic of Ireland
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... Langton, the Catholic Primate of England, who said mass for the assembled Barons on the morning of the day they compelled King John to sign Magna (Marta ; but they refused one to the Archbishop of Dublin, because his see was not in England.—(Laughter.) They ...

Published: Wednesday 22 October 1845
Newspaper: Sun (London)
County: London, England
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... Warren Hastings. Speaker Onslow. .lohn WlrklilTe, John Knox. Crantner. Archbishop Usher, Archbiahop Leighton. Jeremy Taylor, Chillingworth. Harrow. Ilishop Butler, John Wesley. Sir John Talbot. Sir John Chaudos, Marquis of Montrose, Cromwell. Monk. General ...

Published: Thursday 23 October 1845
Newspaper: Northern Whig
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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Advertisements & Notices

... smuts is ivendered imapossible, amid every objlection MD a spirit lamp remvaol. Specimeno 1other are constantly in George and john Deane's showrooms, where as a an spleedid ?? of pedestals may be e l ?? i ve n1iitl to the ofonum ent, 46, I fing William-street ...


... Harbour-office. Holyhead—John Jones, Customs, and J, Thomas. Hull—Ur. John Billon, Ship Agent, *c. Buna, (Pentland Frith)—S. Davidson, Ship Agent. Ipswich—Mr. James Barber, Loekmaster. Ilfracffmbe Mr. Day, Islay (N.B.)—John Lean, Agent for Lloyd**, he ...


... was buried deep, tju.le decent-like and chary : But from her grave in Mart They have come and bond your Mary. The arm that used take your arm. Is took to Dr. Vysr ; And both legs are gone to walk The hospital (iuv's. • ••••••• other cases the pun is supplied ...

Published: Thursday 23 October 1845
Newspaper: Cheltenham Chronicle
County: Gloucestershire, England
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