Hereford Union. —On Christmas-day the inmate; of this establishment were reg-aled witli a plentiful supply o ..

... little girl, whose arm was fractured, in consequence of having been violently thrown by the furious animal. Shocking Accident.—On Sunday, the 13th inst. an accident occurred in the Forest of Dean, owing to the incautious use of fire arms, which has resulted ...

Published: Wednesday 30 December 1846
Newspaper: Hereford Journal
County: Herefordshire, England
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... David Evoas, Curate of Llanon; Win. Evans, Curate of Vaynor; Richard Lee, Curate re. of Cardigan; Isaac Rowlands, Curate of Ilanti- irs, hallgel-gelneu'r-glyn; John Starkey. Curate of vas ?? College Chapel; D. Edw. Williams, Curate of St. David's, Carmarthen ...

Published: Tuesday 29 December 1846
Newspaper: North Wales Chronicle
County: Caernarfonshire, Wales
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... was described as a lady twenty two, and as having tor the last few months resided St. Johns P ™* Chester. this information the police repair*- to St. John’s Church ; here the marriage ceremony baa just been completed, and the paities had left ...

Published: Wednesday 30 December 1846
Newspaper: The Pilot
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... Morris, Mr and Mrs Boyce, Mr and Mi* Jenncr, Mr W. Fisher, Mr and Mr* Wilson, and Mr Combea.— Departures: the Hon. A. Bury, Mr John Colton, Mr J. P, Cobbett, and Mr Morley. The infant Royal family continue in the enjoyment excellent health. The Queen Dowager ...

Published: Thursday 31 December 1846
Newspaper: Brighton Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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£_TKAM to CEYLON,MADRAS, and CALCUTTA, J*^ ?? . Egvpr.— Regular Monthly Mail Steam Conveyance for j ' ?? -.r- and

... ; Vrchiteeture: Anti- quarian Researches : Historical Chronicle ; md Obituary, including memoirs of John Barneby, Esq., P. M. Stewart, Esq., Rev. John Clowes, Dr. Lipscomb, Mr Alsagvr. He. Price 2s. tid. Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament-street. THE DUBLIN ...

Published: Thursday 31 December 1846
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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