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Fermanagh, Northern Ireland



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... conxideratvon of the house. Mr. U GRATTAN with great warmth.vindicated the character of his father from the unjwstifiabls aspersu ns'cxst upon it Mr. F. O’Conner. Mr. F. O’Connor had stated that the late Mr. Grattan had been tebel. The statement was falsa ...

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... all classes t P arm, from him. knew these mc.temeot. purchase arms had been . con.eijuences, for-bUO stand of arms were sold late the county Down. moved for a renin, applications made grand j.irnrs, b lstiat , other, to the sale of arms in Ireland. «a ...


... Forster, John M'Neill, Nicholas Fitasimon. Win. Ilort. George Hodson (High Sheriff County Westmeath). Richard la-vinge, E. Borrough, Henry Meredvth, James Dombrain, Arthur Clarke. John Power, John Power, of Kilfane; John Burke, Patrick Bellew, ...

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... he freely repaid . i .g-iJ-hecnJ »a. .orry ace the raelmpo,.. of . h pelly ae.-amus thru tu the nea. ft propoaine h.a fr.eud John Anguatu. O-Neitt «p«« that Lister, Jirifaat wa. called, send,eg snbscr,pt..-Da few .esM.u.,.l the , ..e to bolden in an , uil ...


... importance ot the subject, and alleging that the Government had it contemplation to introduce a Bill upon the subject, Lord John Russell had, a former occasion,stated. If Mr. Crawtor J had put his suggestions in the form of Bill, he would nol have objected ...

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... OjTcf' M-o-- .•I'.oiition aov shcri-touiii;gs with »L:ch, ( Wtd fda’j kventcj. Six , oih- Uods. U'.c baltalnm ol , ppcjQyc T MU. JOHN CtJU-l- • . iiine regiment nofortunately b«« char.-eJ ; ' |>e.\L CANDIDATE FOR j , the sell-devotion ofone of lUyoung oBii ...

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... but lill girl wrapped white I fur, who came timidly meet him.^ Will vou tell who are ? she. pul ting nut from hei mantle a .arm little hand, which shrunk from the touch of . chilly fingers, e is Malays,” answered the sur- are verv cold, poor Quintin, if ...