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... , and with the assistance two large soup tureens, the numerous dishes were displayed. had, among other luxuries, fresh blackberries and bon-bons: the loiter were rather dry, and had no doubt travelled far. Each man had three-pronged iron fork, and regular ...


... seem an instrument convenient enough when inserted into a saucer or syrup, or applied to the biokcn surface of over-ripe blackberry, but we often see our sipper of sweets quite as busy a solid lump of sugar, which wc shall find on close inspection growing ...

Published: Friday 01 March 1850
Newspaper: Lincolnshire Chronicle
County: Lincolnshire, England
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Tom Nettleship, gardener to the Rev, in. Musters, | at Colwick, and succeeded in getting the tiles from the roof,

... cutting some wood for garden purposes, in the Horse-pasture Wood, they promiscuously cut, from the side of an oak tree, a blackberry briar of the extraordinary length of 35 feet, and of last year’s growth. Blyth. —At a parish meeting, on Friday last, at ...


... declared detrimental to the and dignity the Establishment ? Me should then hear arguments against making bishops plentiful as blackberries, against making the plum pudding of plums only, against vulgarizing the dignity and frittering away the weight of the authority ...


... The annual match for a sum of money given by Lord John Manners was played on the 24th ult., at the Belvoir Club Ground, on Blackberry Hill, between eleven of the Belvoir Castle Establishment and eleven o{ the Grmnby Club. The Belvoir Club played most admirably ...

Published: Thursday 04 July 1850
Newspaper: Nottinghamshire Guardian
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... ? P ; the town—and lhat for the fountains)l^. 0 ' a plunging-baths, shower-baths, all manner 0 f bath* *' Sl plenty as blackberries ; window-cleaning an amusement!! f least, a dirty window thing to be pointed at— Attorneys keep their windows clean now ...

Published: Saturday 07 September 1850
Newspaper: Leicestershire Mercury
County: Leicestershire, England
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... Hickling. The constable saw the defendant walkintr by tk hedge side in a field at 10 o'clock on Sunday mornirW W getting blackberries. The defendant admitted the cW and in consideration of his age he was only ordered to r the constable's costs, 35., and ...

Published: Thursday 12 September 1850
Newspaper: Nottinghamshire Guardian
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... belonging to Mr. William Hickling. I’he constable saw the defendant in the held at ten o’clock Sunday morning last,getting blackberries.—The defendant admitted the charge, and in consideration of his age was only ordered to pay the constable’s costs, 35. ...


... the pangs of hunger, spread over the fields, and scores might be seen busily engaged clearing the hedges of the delicious blackberries with which they were loaded. In the meantime the car- riages were detached and taken over beyond Kirkby, when after a delay ...

Published: Thursday 19 September 1850
Newspaper: Nottinghamshire Guardian
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... make one anything but sleepy. Peaches are abundant; they turn out their pigs to feed upon them they fall from the trees. Blackberries were ripe in July, and very abundant this year. We have few apples here ; no gooseberries or currants of any colour ; we ...

Baptist Chapel, Grey Friars' Street. Northampton. —On evening last eloquent impressive lecture was delivered in ..

... Claridge. Cauliflowers, William Cadd. Third Class.—Apples. James Soden and Joseph Chapman. Potatoes, Ditto and James Soden. Blackberries, Richard Garratt and Sarah Sabin. Wild Flowers, Clsridge Mawby. Some splendid Pears were sent by Mr. Russell, gardener ...

Published: Saturday 12 October 1850
Newspaper: Northampton Mercury
County: Northamptonshire, England
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deruvshire courier, chesterfield gazette, and general counxv advertiser

... assaulting her on the 12th instant. Complainant stated that on Saturday the 12th inst., two her children had been out to gather blackberries, and on arriving near home two of the defendant’s children struck and abused one of her children ; one of them struck one ...

Published: Saturday 26 October 1850
Newspaper: Derbyshire Courier
County: Derbyshire, England
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