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Freeman's Journal


... Excellency and the Lord Mayor. The rest, Greeks, lurks, sailors, solldierslpnuns, niggers, &c., &c., were all as ri plenty as blackberries. All went off happily, and the festi- vities were kept up to a late hour, or rather an early hour a this morning. d RE ...

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... post, viz:- Mr. M'Clelland's Tipperary Boy, lost (Magee) ?? 3 1 1 c Mr. Rice's Lizzy, ?? 71b (M'Lory) ?? ?? 2 2 2 Mr. ?? Blackberry, lost ?? ?? 1 dist. Mr. Smith's Grand Lumiere, Mr. Thomson's Saul, Mr. Connor's The Duke, and Mr. Aicken's Lass of Gowrie ...


... on the following serious charge:- J A stout- looking youth, named Edward Wright, in the em- ployment of John Bracken, of Blackberry lane, near Mill- town in this county, eposed that on the previous night between 11 and 12 o'ock, he was on his way to his ...


... him of a loaf of bread and then ran away. A police-constable proved that on the night in question he met the prisoner in Blackberry-lane, and supposing from his disordered appearance that ho was after committing some offence, he took him into custody; ...


... Temnplar. ROYAL DOWN CORPORATION MEETINGS. JULY. 23-Mr. Courten ay's Caprice (Lyncbl), beating Elenni, Allegrette, Portia, aud Blackberry. 25-0Mr. Courteaaay's Caprice (Lynch), beatiang Elemi, filly by Siamaora out of Xyrtle, Allegrettc, and Speculation. OCTOnREt ...

Published: Wednesday 13 November 1850
Newspaper: Freeman's Journal
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 1472 | Page: 3 | Tags: Sports and Games