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Nottingham Review and General Advertiser for the Midland Counties




East Midlands, England



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Nottingham Review and General Advertiser for the Midland Counties

Tom Nettleship, gardener to the Rev, in. Musters, | at Colwick, and succeeded in getting the tiles from the roof,

... cutting some wood for garden purposes, in the Horse-pasture Wood, they promiscuously cut, from the side of an oak tree, a blackberry briar of the extraordinary length of 35 feet, and of last year’s growth. Blyth. —At a parish meeting, on Friday last, at ...


... declared detrimental to the and dignity the Establishment ? Me should then hear arguments against making bishops plentiful as blackberries, against making the plum pudding of plums only, against vulgarizing the dignity and frittering away the weight of the authority ...


... belonging to Mr. William Hickling. I’he constable saw the defendant in the held at ten o’clock Sunday morning last,getting blackberries.—The defendant admitted the charge, and in consideration of his age was only ordered to pay the constable’s costs, 35. ...


... make one anything but sleepy. Peaches are abundant; they turn out their pigs to feed upon them they fall from the trees. Blackberries were ripe in July, and very abundant this year. We have few apples here ; no gooseberries or currants of any colour ; we ...

T TINGHAM keview. ■ * ii~nr,i Mp«srs. Sanßuel Tonier and Thos. , «Tpa«o M i*«ri L. Hardy d B. ™

... .. sunpressnig the w ticulars. Between five and six o’clock. Miss Hag staffand a nurse girl were engaged '.ne, culling blackberries, having in charge a little 1) y, years old, son of Mr. John Parkin, provision dealw, Hockley who married Miss Wagstaffs ...

MARIUEU, Eon Common. At half past two clock, the 27th ult., Sutton, by the Right Hon. the j Eve rett,

... reverse. The show ol horses ot good quality was very small, screws were plentiful enough, and screw dealers as plentiful blackberries, but very little business was transacted amongst these worthies, there not being sufficient flats to maintain the sharps ...

course to send a fleet of war steamers among a crovtd Of fishing vessels, and to capture them on the

... badly have they gone on that even this topic has been abandoned in despair, not hut that bribes have not been plentiful blackberries, and intimidation and oppression as thickly scattered abroad as dust, but the public have been so heartily tired of the ...

the general inclosure

... she had not been across the line, but had been m a TION _j the contemplation of another general election, Held getting blackberries. Evidence was, however pro- j says the Advertiser,) is expected will lake place duced to show the girl had been across ...


... that on the afternoon of the day question, having no work to do, he asked his master’s permission to go and .rather a few blackberries. Leave being granted to him, he went into the fields, and was walking quietly by a certain hedge-side, when he was stopped ...