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Ashton Weekly Reporter, and Stalybridge and Dukinfield Chronicle, The




Lancashire, England



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The Ashton Weekly Reporter, and Stalybridge and Dukinfield Chronicle


... considered as dead, have “gone off” at a surprising.rate. Of course the usual accompaniments of such pastimes are plentiful as blackberries, and burns and bruises testify to the sources whence numbers have attempted to show their delightful appreciation of the ...

MR. AND MRS. PLATTS FESTIVAL AT 1 DEANWATER. 1 did it fall to oor lot to take the pen with

... little more trouble than previously,—that was when some of the youngsters would occasionally ■tray out of the ranks to pull blackberry or two, which grew in abundance in the hedges on each side the lanes. On approaching Deanwater House, ■bout 11 o’clock, ...

paving william-street,

... Club. —The cry is “still they come;” and we may expect, ere long, that Glee Clubs will as plentiful in this district as blackberries in autumn. The origination of new musical societies, at all events, proves that the demand for such is increasing, and ...


... ill-using his mother, as he had formerly done, and calling her all sorts of names. Me wanted to send his younger brother to get blackberries on the Sunday, instead of going to school, place where he would learn nothing good; and on that being resisted, threatened ...

&ocal anil (General

... is a widow, and resides in Dnkinfield, pleaded very hard for mercy, and her promises of reformation were as plentiful as blackberries. The bench were disposed to take a lenient view of the matter, as it was her first offence, and dismissed the case with ...


... the public would open their eyes instead of their purses to those pious impostors, who are getting just now’ plentiful as blackberries,” or, more appropriately speaking, “as thick as thieves.” A Double Suicide America. —Suicides and deaths from sunstrokes ...


... church in Sraithfield increased the disease. The South of Ireland s | X —- ! sa o-. | Lancashire, coal trucks are thick as blackberries, but the morning after joining us being Sunday, the to a certain point. nr ,v in honour of the martyrs at the Protestant ...


... man to make a hero,of, j and that those that made should once ro- pent. .Much better may asily had. The crop as plentiful blackberries. Crimeans are everything now, are everywhere, and, though wild-looking and hirsute animals, are easily caught. Ido not ...

THE ASHTON WEEKLI REPORTER, Saturday, September 20, 1856. floet’g Corner r . tore | ®tme ®al)Us, &c. FORGIVE ..

... hedges streaming with a profusion of brambles, plentifully dotted with what children used paradoxically to call the green blackberry.” The afternoon clears up in first-rate style, every sign of rain disappears from view; our umbrellas, lately clasped with ...

1)11. I)H JONGH’S

... same night, a number of boys were playing on the forest, and one of them, either to recover a cricket ball or to get some blackberries, got over hedge into an adjoining field, just within the limits of the parish of Lenton, and was horrified to see the body ...