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... Tradbhan's Plat*. Angary first, Knack burn second, Jack Spring third. Fire ran. SniUNO Handicap.- Prince's Mixture first, Blackberry second. Manor Plats.— Lord Jereey first, Mrs. Stowe eecond, Unexpected third. Six nut. ...

Published: Saturday 12 June 1858
Newspaper: Liverpool Mail
County: Lancashire, England
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Beat!)* ann j&atrtagea. MARRIAGES. Lancaster. — On the 9th inst., at the Parish Church, by the Rev. Canon ..

... Bella Moore, upwards of 20 years domestic servant with the Rev. T. Mackreth, Halton Rectory. Heysham. — On the Oth inst., at Blackberry Hall, Jane Parr, daughter of Jane Parr, widow, aged 12 years. Overton. — On the 10th inst, John Robert Brockbank, son of ...

Published: Saturday 16 October 1858
Newspaper: Lancaster Gazette
County: Lancashire, England
Type: Article | Words: 640 | Page: 5 | Tags: none

Hitrran) ilotirce

... columns and a half of criticism no latei than Friday last. It is here published at sixpence ?? — The Vacant Throne, and the Blackberry Gathering, good stories for children, — The Juvenile, No. 9, — Punch, ftc. ...

Published: Wednesday 08 September 1852
Newspaper: Blackburn Standard
County: Lancashire, England
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jSortrp. A REJECTED . YOU never loved me, AdTi-Those .low word. Dropped softly from your gentle woman tongue, ..

... barn-door flocking birds to slay ; Yet should’st thou the danger run. He turns the tube away. The gip«> boy, who seeks ia glee Blackberries for a dainty meal. Laughs loud on firs* behol thee, When called, near bis presence steal. He surely thinks thou knew’st ...

Published: Saturday 06 November 1852
Newspaper: Bolton Chronicle
County: Lancashire, England
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Henrj White, BS, Wallgate

... Wine, recommended by the College of i'hjvi- | ciaos at Edinhorgh. Baiain, Raspberry, Cowslip, Elderberry, Black Cnnant, Blackberry, and all other FBUIT WINES, at 7s. per Gallon; da. per | Quart; or par Gill. aim BMla »f «U lizrt k'fl. ' DEPOSIT AND DISCOUNT ...


... Stomach Wine, rrcommcnJcd by the College of l*hj*icians Edinburgh. Raisin, Raspberry, Cowslip, Elderberry, Black Currant, Blackberry, and all other FRUIT WINKS, 7s. per Gallon; 3s. per Quart; or Gd. per Gill. Glass and Stone Bottles of all sizes kepi. ...

.Redan Massy on Hero Worship.—Lieut. Massy has addressed a letter to the Globe, protesting against being made ..

... make hero of, that those that make me thould at once repent. Much better may easily be had ; the crop is as plentiful as blackberries. OrlineanS are everything now, tire everywhere, though wild-looking and hirsute animals, are easily caught. Ido not all ...

A LIVERPOOL REFORMATORY. We have read with very great interest the first report of the Mason street Reformatory ..

... and down, and have gone by with bread in one's pocket and light in one's home, while seeing how noels pretty lies, with blackberries, Were all besmeared and dye,l, And when they saw the darksome night, They sot them down and cried. One might as reasonably ...

Published: Wednesday 14 January 1857
Newspaper: Northern Daily Times
County: Lancashire, England
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symposium that formed an adjunct to ' the pontificial high mass, that he had

... Deputations of all sorts great moor object by any projects of partial application or of to Ministers are as plenty as blackberries ; but they are or rroo importance, however or by whomsoever introduced cause, the good And relying on the justice of our ...

L-million of acres of la

... Louisiana, for having committed a rape on a girl aged 18. The victim and her mother, with three female friends, were picking blackberries in a plant when, it appears, the negro followed them, drew a knife threatened the rest of the women with death if they ...


... THE BLOOMER BALL. This transatlantic sect—whose professors within the month have sprung up as thick as blackberries in every part of the metropolis, and who have even spread their waves of doctrine as far as Edinburgh —appealing to the good sense of their ...


... —Harrison, in his defence, called Junes Bolton, who said he waa going from hia work Sunday morning, and saw man and woman blackberrying. He aaw it waa Harriaon and hit wife. hare geet up, and the bitch geet on scent; hut he didn’t aee her getting howd on ...