... skill displayed by Mr Mark Melford in Turned Up and other pieces receives fresh illustration in the little piece called Blackberries, which woas pr.)- duced on Monday evenillgat Miss Joseplls's theatre with no small amount of success. It is no secret that ...

Published: Saturday 19 June 1886
Newspaper: The Era
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 710 | Page: 16 | Tags: Arts & Popular Culture 

Chats with Housekeepers

... done. When blackberry jam is made of blackberries only, half a pound of sugar to a pound of frail is quite sufficient, but if apples are put with the blackberries a little more sugar is needed. Seeing that, in many districts, blackberries are to be had ...


... VI (VOttrv. DLACMBERRIES AND KISSES. Blackberries! ripe blackberries I Will you come and seeeP Over all the woods and lanes They are running free. Blackberries ! ripe blackberris I Will you come and eat ? Nature bids you to the feast, Spreads the wlid ...


... ivy- covered walls, and its blackberry hedrges, whilst thne group of damsels seen gathering the wild fruit as the curtain rises, strikes a rural key to the prettily con- ceived and crisply-written little play. Blackberries, althoegh new to London, has ...


... ng. I am so worried !- The children? Oh yes, the children are all right. I've sent them to hunt up blackberries for a blackberry pudding. Blackberries are over, of course-but they don't know that, and it keeps them out of the way. -And Mr. Pennefeather ...

Published: Saturday 08 May 1880
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... flashing eyes, and, holding out both her pahns before her, said, The child's mouth be that purple or blue-it's fits. It's blackberries, answered the seaman. ''They was nice and ripe, and plenty of them. 'Blaclkberries almost shrieked the hostess, ...

Published: Saturday 06 July 1895
Newspaper: Graphic
County: London, England
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... With a few blackberries in it to convince him it was what he did not care for. On the contrary he did care, and ate up every one, and then whined end looked in my face very hard, and enforecd it with a stamp of the paw, wanting more blackberries, askifng ...


... parcel is from Mrs. Searle and Viollette, and contains blackberry jelly I Plesan eperene i te psthad enabled me to ~-uascoretly ad ad m fiedshave muchen loye th deicius cnfetio. Hw the blackberries weregatere an muc moe areebleinformation 5 wil beglenedfrm ...


... of Paris and (Enone gathering it for lunch. Its brother, the blackberry, is successfully cultivated in America. Why not at home? for though Mr. Fish says Many of the New World blackberries are said to almost equal our raspberries in flavour, we think ...

Published: Saturday 22 July 1882
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County: London, England
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... spots on the black net, but these I do not care for. BLACKBERRY JAM.L It is a little late this year, but another time the sugges- ?? that country ladies might even save money by mao- ing blackberry jam would be worth thinking over. There are always plenty ...


... silence, you may be sure. It was autumn,' and the blackberries were ripe. Now and then they came across a black- berry bush, and stopped to gather the berries before they went on. But as they met many a blackberry bush, and had a dispute over each one that they ...


... exceedring 351b.: Silver medal and special prizes, Blackberry, S. Wocdiwiss.-Openl ?? exceeding 351b.: 1st, b Magic : 2nd, 1' Heaveonly Pleaeure.-Bitches not ex- J1 ceedinzib 5.: lot, Blackberry; 2nd, Hettie,1 A. I. Mt, Hfodguon. -Team ?? and ...