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Lancashire, England


Manchester, Lancashire, England



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Sporting Intelligence

... the body of a child, perfect p naked. It bad a cord tied tightly round Its neok. Two Loys came up at the time gathering blackberries, and they went to fetch a polleemuan A nurse at the Nottingham union workhouse remembered the child being born. Its health ...

Sporting Intelligence

... 12 0 Mr Jeseop's Romuan Bee, 6 pie Lor Wiliouehlby 1 12 0 Mr Daviss Despair. 5 yrp ie .d Helca 2 11 0 Captain Stirling's Blackberry, 5 yrs Hon. E. Willoughby 3 Seven ran, A Match, 50 sova. Two miles on the flat. 11 0 AMr ?? Slander, aged ?? Owner 1 11 ...