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1850 - 1899
10 1880-1889



Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland



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... Jackson, Solwaybank. 'VCR &le. 50 Pyramid Apple Trees. 20 Wall N Fruit Meer, in arse-class order; and about 50 Gnomberry and Blackberry Bushes. Apply to D. Dinwoodie. Anna Cemetery. /gyp Let, between &x end Eleven Aerie et Swede I. and Yellow Turnips. Apply ...

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... ktraebill. LIOR lisle. 50 Pyramid Apple Trim. le Wall A , Fruit 'Furs, ill firet-elase order; sad about 60 Geossberry and Blackberry Bushes% Apply to A Dinwoodir, Annan Cemetery. P°IATO (mood quality) Sold Retail by lasing I;s P'S lrymple, Lady Street, ...

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... Gass, BesehilL FOR Sale. 00 Pyramid Apple Trees, 20 Wall Fruit Trees, in flrst-class order ; and about 50 Gooseberry and Blackberry Bushes. Apply to D. Dinwoodie, Annan Cemetery. PrATOM (good quality) Sold Retail by lrving Dalrymple, Lady Street, on bia ...


... Ecclefechan. MICR Sale. 50 Pyramid Apple Treat, 20 Wall .12 Fruit Trees, in first-clam order ; and about 50 Goneeberry and Blackberry Bushes. Apply to 1). Dinwoodie, Annan Cemetery. parATO (good quality) sad Retail by Irving M llalrympk, Lady Street, on ...

Mr Clark : If Mr Noel set bad exatni le, Mr Mattiosou ought not have followed it. (Cheers and laughter.)

... village a few miles from Dayton, has had a most wonderful experience, narrowly escaping being killed by ants. He was picking blackberries in wild patch of undergrowth in a dense wood, when suddenly he disturbed millions upon millions of large black ants. They ...


... tliat gentleman had sent The lives of Bums that had been him telegram to the effect that the carnage would Wl . were thick blackberries, but none and the hire a-day, and that the machine |em satisfactory. The best was that of would break forty tons a-ilay ...


... such stream of life has been flowing to him through the eves. There are eyes which give no more admission into them into blackberries; others are liquid and deep wells that men might fall into; and others are oppressive and devouring, and take too much ...


... broken with a hammer, if tradition were to be trusted. Peggy's culinary chill did not equal the warmth of her heart. Yet a blackberry pie was No rare a luntuy in the gaunt old kitchen that the little girl who peeped from her hook with eyes ea round as m ...


... with Rushed cheeks and eyes a• bright ea WON of squirrels, dragging branches with the duly seed vessels of the clematis, blackberry boughs that were Mill grove, and Sr cones which they dzi . olled up, sad which would won be dry and Then had bees a dies ...

Published: Friday 23 December 1887
Newspaper: Annandale Observer and Advertiser
County: Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 5708 | Page: 3, 4 | Tags: none


... delicate and agreeable fruit. Gooseberries are wholesome. hat ebould be cooked if eaten le any quantity. Itexpherriee and blackberries are excellent, and should be sates freely. 'Strawberries are, probably, the root heartily welcomed of our smell fruits ...