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... his competency, provided the examinator shall be Principal in an institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb in the United Kingdom, and that Mr, Martin shall have the privilege of examining his examiuator, proposing to him questions in turn.’ “ ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: Newry Telegraph
County: Down, Northern Ireland
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... by the Proprietor.211, Strn,(erTml Bar),, London, and by aill rcspcctable 'Vendors of Pa- 1Z_ tent - ?? throughout the, Civilized 'World, in Po-totsand Box es, Is 9~. ?s d,, 4s. 6d., IlIs., 22s., ft. ~ ~ -adS~.ce. hr s eyconsiderable saving ,?I in tak~~ ...


... from one part of the United Kingdom to another, or from the United Kingdom to the Isle of Man, or from the Isle of Man to the United Kinodom, except in British ships; that no goods or passengers shall be imported into the United Kingdom from any of the ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: North Wales Chronicle
County: Caernarfonshire, Wales
Type: Article | Words: 7354 | Page: 3 | Tags: News 

COURT AND FASHION. TRADE AND AGRICULTURE IN FRANCE. We (Mercantile have received foVSojins ) • highly ..

... pre-cut there is little doing in manufactures, as the accounts , The Public Salaries.—Mr. Hume obtained from the from the United States are not encouraging. House of Commons last session permission for a return to The general tone of all the French -markets ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: Mayo Constitution
County: Mayo, Republic of Ireland
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... Persons vwishing to view the lots must apply to the Superin'temident fer notes of admission fir that purpose.- Cataloguaes unit conditiens of salle may be had here and otthe yard. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY.-The ]Drectors of the South Eastern Railway are prepared ...

S!ai,^ M /I 0 1 LIVERPOOL to BOSTO-V, ••ngers. ALIPAX to land Her Majesty's Mails and Pas- ST^M-lm^in*?* NORTH

... Christ. Bythe REV. FRANCIS DIEDRIe ll WACKERBARTH. A.8., Of Queen's College, Cambridge, and Hon. Cor. Member of the College of Civil Engineers, and late Priest a>f the Anglican Church. London: C. Dolman, 61, New Bond-street; John Bohn, 17. Henrietta-street ...


... Russian and Austrian despotism, but they will not always be thus degraded and oppressed. The friends of freedom throughout the civilized world deeply deplore the doom of Hungary, but their lamentations are somewhat moderated from an assured conviction, that ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: Morning Advertiser
County: London, England
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... the raw material; notwithstanding this improvement in value, extensive purchases of Wool were made for the Continent and the United States ; matters progressed favourably until April, when the blockade of the German ports, and unsettled appearances abroad ...


... reducing the rate of interest|p-Treasury Bonds by 1 per cent. The Journal dv Havre stawh the authority a private letter from the Unite«ft»t*s, that the Cabinet Washington had jast admitted the justice of the demand for indemnities madfi M. G. T. Poussin, and ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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... several ot the newspapers of the province, and in which address separation from the British empire and annexation ¢ to the United States of Armerica. are recommended as a . remedy for certain evils under which the province is therein a alleged to be labouring ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: London Daily News
County: London, England
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... sent to the government here. General Mayeihofer, who left some days ago for the Banat, is expected not to meet with a very civil receptio on his way to Temeswar. The letter of Gustav Fritz from Widdin, to Gsen. Bintourline, which appeared some while ago ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: London Daily News
County: London, England
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... OF CANADA TO TiHE UNITED STATES. Whereas, by the original articles of the confederation adopted by the States of this Union, it was provided that Canada. according so this confederation, andjoining in the measures of these United States, shall be admitted ...

Published: Tuesday 01 January 1850
Newspaper: Morning Chronicle
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 5119 | Page: 6, 7 | Tags: News