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... po verful Grey Horse, aged, by Young Leander, dam by' Dread nought, trained to all harness, per- fectly quiet.' Lot'q.! 7-Blackberry, a famous Black Mare, by Dread- nought, dam by Wellington, used to all harness, and very fast. 'Lot 8--Ride, a beautiful ...


... seventy boats the aierage stands at 1001, whlcbi ceder tie circtmtnes',' PIis vary ?? Aiiebr~is'. ; Buocantocr WrassAGood. blackberry wine may' be made as ?? lthi fruit 'wen .kally ripeand. onl a dry day put them in a tone jr 'and .rrulse thet with a glass: ...

Published: Thursday 25 September 1856
Newspaper: Freeman's Journal
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 3203 | Page: 3 | Tags: News